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It’s easy to get down. It might be about the way you look, or about your work life, or even your lovelife. Sometimes it goes even further beyond that into the realms of depression, but usually there are ways out. Sometimes, it’s just about learning to feel good about yourself. To see yourself as others see you. To not be so hard on yourself all of the time. It can be completely draining to live your life like this day in and day out, and it’ll sap you of your self esteem and your confidence which might of course in turn affect other areas of your life negatively potentially sending you into a downward spiral. It’s easier for some to see themselves in a better light than others.

Everyone is different at the end of the day so what might work for someone else may never work for you. This is why you need to try everything that you possibly can to ensure that you can feel good about yourself and that you get the right care you need. It’s a mental block, and mental health varies hugely from one to the other. These tips can help you get started on your journey to self betterment with the caveat that if you think there’s something seriously wrong with your mental health, the best thing you can do is tell someone and get some help.

Feel Good About Your Face

There are so many things you can do to just feel that little bit better. For a start, you need to realise that you don’t have to go out with a face full of makeup every day, but from time to time, especially if you don’t wear it often, putting on some lipstick or eye make up can leave you feeling that much better about yourself. Sometimes it’s not about the make up, but the skin. Too much makeup can make the skin bad and this can start the loop of wearing makeup to cover the skin. Try to get into a skin care routine. This means taking the plunge and not wearing makeup at all.

Night cream and day creams can help you. You can get different ones for different ages and for different things. These don’t have to be expensive either, you can get some really good deals out there. Once you’re in the right routine you’ll soon start feeling better about yourself. If you’re really in the need for some TLC think about going to a spa and getting that facial. This may be hard with Covid at the moment but getting your brows shaped, a wax and a face massage can really boost your self esteem and leave you feeling better about your face. It all starts with you taking the steps towards your own happiness and if you don’t feel good about it, there are things you can do.


Weight is a contentious topic out there at the moment. Some people find it harder to lose weight than others. Some think this is because people have a base weight, which means going beyond it is extremely hard. However, where there is a will there’s certainly a way and weight can be lost if one is so inclined. The benefits are huge. To your self perception, confidence and image of course, but also to your physical health and indeed your mental health. There are different approaches to take towards losing weight. Some might diet, others may exercise while for the most powerful results you might combine to two. It’s really hard to start off but when you get into a routine. It'll quite quickly become a bit easier for you.

You can start simple, by going out for a walk and graduate up to going for a run. Try and join a gym, or do something you might find a little more fun like cycling or playing team sports. You can also sign up to a step challenge, or maybe if you’re really serious about it get a personal trainer. Diet helps too. Whether you go for a fad diet or you try to stick under your calorie count. It’s hard to work out what’s best for you and even then you may not see results right away but simply taking the step in the right direction is enough.

Feel Good About Your Work Life

Feeling good about yourself stems from a lot of different places. One of which is certainly your work life. It's the thing which takes most of your time from day to day so it’s something which you need to be happy with. If you aren’t, it’ll infect everything else. You won’t be happy out of work because you’ll be thinking about life in work. This stems from quite a few different places. It might be that you don’t like your career, you might have a bad relationship with your team or you might just hate your boss.

The issue about where you work doesn’t matter. It could be in marketing, or a supermarket. Some people might love what you do, others will hate it. You need to address the issue. Don’t like a coworker? See if you can sit elsewhere. Hate your job? Apply yourself and try to either get a promotion or a new job. You might even want to look for a new career. Happy people are usually proactive. Don’t just wait for something to happen in hope, get out there and take what you want. Be active in your pursuits.

Cultivate Those Relationships

Everyone has those special people who make them feel better about themselves. They usually come in the form of best friends or long term acquaintances. Either way, it’s incredibly important that you cultivate these relationships. You need to put effort into them. Arrange the odd meeting from time to time, or just think about what new things you can do together. It has to be half and half. If they’re always chasing you trying to arrange nights out or things to do they’ll stop at some point. Don’t lose those key relationships because you’ll regret it years down the line. Of course as it goes two ways you need to realise when you’re getting nothing back.

If this is the case, stop trying yourself and put the effort into someone who reciprocates, not someone who simply takes non stop. These can be friendships or work relationships, the same applies to any and all, even to those in your own family. It’s been harder this year with Covid ravaging the world but at the same time most have found ways to stay in touch with those they care about. Think about Zoom calls, meeting outside for a walk or going for a quick coffee. The rules are ever changing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch.

Self Improvement Helps A Lot

Self validation comes from knowing that you’ve done something great. This can be passing an exam, getting a new certificate or successfully launching a business. You’ll feel much better about yourself if you pass those exams because you’ll believe in yourself far more. So, study something that you enjoy. Or something that will increase your chances of having a productive career. You might be fond of languages and want to push for the studying of one, or you might want to start studying towards a degree or even a postgraduate degree.

It could be something less intense like looking for some cooking classes or learning paint. If you’re someone who responds well to self improvement then this can be a key to feeling far better about yourself. You don’t have to pay for this either. It can simply be buying a book so that you can teach yourself, or in the watching of youtube videos around the subject you enjoy. It will of course take some investment of time, but it’ll be worth it in the end when you feel proud of yourself and what you have achieved.

Attack Your Hobby

This centers around the ability to really make some time for yourself. Making time for yourself is incredibly important, more so it’s important that you fill that time with things you enjoy, so hobbies which make you smile and you like engaging with. Some of these might cross over with exercise like running or cycling, or it can include team sports with your friends hence you’re socializing. Or it can be something just for you. Like reading a book, or gaming for a while.
You need to make time for yourself and any hobbies that you have to properly get that disconnect from work and your wider life. If you feel like you don’t have a hobby then now is the time to find one. There are so many things out there that you can try and interact with, whether on your own or with friends. There are some great ideas online too, but essentially you just need to explore the areas you enjoy and go from there.

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