REVIEW: Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder

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Product Info from Maybelline Philippines
Medium coverage powder with SPF 18 UV protection and 6-hour staying power.
Lasting Oil Control, Silky smooth texture, Fragrance free, Oil free, Non comedogenic, and Won't clog pores

Availabe Shades: Light, Nude Beige, Natural, and Honey

Retail Price: Php 199.00

I've stayed away from this product for as long as I could ever since I saw this way back 2008.  I was using a much cheaper face powder back then.  Now it's 2011 and I finally caved...LOL

The only reason why I keep on skipping this product is because, at first glance the shades really look weird, but recently I found out that they look different when applied. I've been using this face powder for over a month now and would like to let you know what I think.

What I like about it...
* inexpensive
* sturdy packaging
* the shade honey is really close to my skin tone (hurray for that!)
* has SPF 18 yeepee
* my face stayed matte for about 6 hours before I noticed any shine on my face (for reference I have dry to normal skin)
* the powder is very fine and glides easily
* did not experience any allergies or breakouts

What I don't like...
* It's still has a fragrance but it goes away after applying.
* the powder puff that comes with it sucks, I replaced it with a nichido sponge

My rating: 4 / 5

I really liked the Garnier Face Powder, too bad though none of their shades are close to my skin tone. I used the Ivory shade but it was just too light. I've also tried the Myra-e face powder before but it doesn't stay long.

My verdict, I'm in love with this face powder. I will definitely repurchase! I'd recommend this to you ladies, just make sure to try out the testers so that you'll find the perfect shade for your skin tone.

This is it for now.


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  1. yay i bought this recently! same shade tyo lol...someone told me this is good. was thinking if i want to open it coz medyo alangan din ako before hehe.. thanks for this!xox

  2. i always feel so jealous when i visit your page because you always show things that i can't get my hands on hahaha.

  3. i'm using this for a year na yata! :D i keep on repurchasing hahaha!

  4. @geishcharles, really!?! but you're really fair I thought you'd be in Light or Nude Beige. hehe

    @Lisa, I should be saying the same thing to you...LOL

    @Hazel, cool!, I was about to repurchase the Garnier one but I when I saw this shade on the Maybelline counter, I grabbed it. I'm just glad I did...hehe

  5. I'm using this now too :D And I love it!

  6. I'm actually an avid fan of maybelline's makeup. it's not too expensive that's why I like using their product. I've been using maybelline clear smooth face powder for I think 3 years already. this powder has that lasting effect. even why I sweat, it is still there.

    I agree that the sponge of this sucks. :(

  7. I have this but bought the wrong shade...

  8. @Aya, glad to know that sis.

    @Tessa, wow you actually managed to stick to this product for 3 years! amazing.

    @Debi, toinks..hehe

  9. am a bit confused, is this a foundation or a pressed powder O_O?

  10. @Jennifer, it's a pressed powder.

  11. i've used this before too. :)

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Followed you back :)

    Great review! I've always been curious about this product but I always thought the coverage would be too sheer coz I always go for the 2-way powder type :) Can you use this wet ba? I'm using the in2it 2-way foundation powder and it's pretty good. You might like to try that out too! :)

  13. waahaha i really thought so too. but i've seen a lot of raves bout their "honey" shade! when i swatched it on my face it blended well sa skintone ko, weird but anyway am not complaining hehe! it's so hard to find a foundie that really won't make me look like a MUMU noh, lol.And worth buying tlg sha right..liked the sturdy packaging!

  14. @Anna Luisa, glad to know that.

    @Burning Skies, I like the fact that it's sheer, I don't really need full coverage. So this works for me. I've heard a lot of good things about the in2it 2-way foundie, I'll check that out soon.

    @geicharles, LOL, the honey shade is slightly lighter than my skin tone but it does blend well.

  15. i should try! my best friend loves their eyeliner! :)

  16. i love this powder too inexpensive yet maganda ang oil control, medyo may pagkaweird lang yung smell nya pero tolerable naman.

  17. Hello there! Im Jecca. I'm a little bit tan and my color is dark orangey.... I bought this pressed powder few days ago but unfortunately the honey shade of this powder doesn't suit me... It become one shade lighter when you apply it... i hope maybelline powders will live up tyo their true shades...=(

  18. @fashioneggpplant, you should sis!

    @Shopcoholic, yeps, so true tolerable naman ang smell but it goes away after applying. so its okay.

    @Jeccalyn, oh so sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. You should have tried the testers on your face before purchasing it. the honey shade is also slightly a bit lighter for my skin tone but it's blends well when it sets.

  19. @Hollie: Do you have a recommendation for a good powder? Ponds loose powder in natural tan worked for me way back then. I want a pressed powder that is non-comedogenic and got an "orientalish" shade... ^^

  20. I LOVE their honey shade, it's fits my skintone exactly! I reviewed this in my blog too, and I've been wanting to try Garnier for a while but I felt that their shades are too light for me. I think those guys (Garnier and Maybelline, etc) should make more shades that suit the Filipina skintone more. Almost every girl I see in school makes me cringe because they're all tan and flesh but their face powder colors are just too light!

  21. I like Maybeline face powder because it leaves my skin smooth and very fine! I just don’t know if this is available at Kallony.

  22. Hey my skin is wheatishly fair
    Which shade of may beeline pressed powder as wellas Maybelline mousse will go perfect with my skin tone making it look clear fair flawless natural ?
    Please comment guyz?really wanna know did as m not dat regular makeup artist?

    1. @Nilofer Syed, it is best if you actually test out the actual powder in the nearest Maybelline counter available in your area. Maybelline has a limited number of shades so, you will have to test it out to actually find your perfect match. But if you're fair, go for the shade "Light" that might look good on you.


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