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If you are a makeup enthusiast like me, I am sure you also have a growing collection. I don't have a room all to myself since I am married. So I have to share the room with my hubby and our two boys.  Because of limited space in our room, I don't have my own vanity area.

So you're probably curious on how I store my makeup. My solution? I bought a couple of supplies at Ace Hardware and made my own shelves.

It's fairly easy to do, I just mounted the Angle bars on our wall and placed the panels on top. But I used a drill to make a hole in wall to avoid creating cracks.

So all of my makeup are now placed on our DIY wall mounted shelves.

Since I am a freelance makeup artist, I placed all of the makeup that I use on clients in my Caboodles Makeup Train Case. But I don't bring this case every time I have gig. I only hand pick products from this case if it is just for one or two clients and place it in a separate cosmetic bag.

I love to use Cosmetic Bags from Clinique simply because they're pretty and sturdy. The Big pink cosmetic bag is where I store makeup products that are new and never opened. The Small pink bag is where I store makeup products that I am currently testing for review purposes. The Big Bronze bag is where I store makeup products that I personally use.

As for my nail products, I use a couple of this slim white trays. I gave away some of my nail polish, especially ones that I don't use, to friends and my younger sister. So, it keeps my nail polish collection to a minimum. I don't apply nail lacquer that often anyway.

I keep some makeup tools and hair accessories in these plastic Vanity cases. It also includes some makeup that I seldom use, even empty makeup boxes that I haven't thrown out yet.

If you're looking for personal storage solutions, you might want to check out as they cater to storage solutions at an affordable price. This is extremely helpful especially for students who are just going home for the holiday and just want to keep their stuff secure while they are away.

What about you ladies, how do you store your makeup? share your makeup storage ideas.

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  1. You're so organized! My makeup are everywhere. In bags, pouches, drawers, reused shoeboxes, on my table, on the top of the cabinet. But surprisingly, I always know where they are. In a way, they're organized too. I make sure that the ones I use regularly are visible. I kinda think in layers. So the ones that I rarely use are the ones that are most hidden.

  2. Organized! =D I have an Ikea storage unit that I keep my makeup in. IT has 5 drawers and was fairly cheap =) I do have boxes and tins and things too LOL

  3. Good tips! I have a train case too :D I keep my makeup in two drawers of a 5 drawer unit thing. I used to keep all my makeup in plastic containers though, and it was so hard to keep everything organized!


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