Tasty Thursdays: Open Faced Egg Sandwich

9:55:00 AM

Here's another tasty breakfast that I cooked up from our kitchen. I wasn't sure what to make so I just peeked through available ingredients in the fridge and came up with an Open Faced Egg Sandwich with Onion Chives.

* Baguette (bought mine at Suisse Cottage)
* Lettuce (I used Romaine Lettuce)
* Tomato ( I used a green tomato)
* 3 eggs
* chopped onion chives
* butter (I used Dari Creme Classic)
* mayonnaise (I used Best Foods Light Mayonnaise)
* tomato ketchup (I used Del Monte Sweet Blend Tomato Ketchup)

Step 1
Beat all 3 eggs in a bowl, add 3 tablespoons of mayo and chopped onion chives. Mix until evenly distributed.

Step 2
Pre-Heat your non-stick pan (low heat)
Slice your Baguette into 5-inch length and slice into half
Toast your Baguette into the non-stick pack until brown, then add a little butter on top while it's hot

Step 3
Cook your scrambled egg mixture into the non-stick pan with a tiny amount of vegetable oil, just enough for the eggs to cook.

Step 4
Wash your lettuce and make thin slices of tomato.
Place the lettuce as the first layer on top of your toasted baguette,
then followed by the scrambled egg, sliced tomato, then tiny bits of lettuce.

Step 5
Lastly, drizzle a small amount of tomato ketchup on top, you can add shredded cheese if you prefer.

My version of an Open Faced Egg Sandwich

Now you are ready to serve. Enjoy!

Until next time.


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  1. Good thing I already had lunch; otherwise, this post would make me hungry. :)

  2. @Pammy, hahaha tnx sis.

  3. ohhhh looks yummy :d

  4. now i'm officially hungry. will try to make this tomorrow hahahah! x)

  5. Hi holly thanks for sharing. *tulo-laway-punas-laway

    *Pareng Jay was here


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