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Ever since I had a bad breakout last summer, I've been really keen on choosing skin care products for my face and neck. I simply wanted to share with you what products have been working well for me.

These are the products that have helped my skin be pimple free.

Products that I use everyday
Etude House Lip & Eye Makeup Remover
Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser
St. Ives Timeless Skin Daily Microdermabrasion
Garnier Light Milky Lightening Dew

Since I wear makeup regularly, I use the Etude House Lip & Eye Makeup Remover to remove my eye makeup especially the eyeliner and mascara. Then followed by the Mary Kay Facial Cleanser to completely remove all my makeup including foundation.

I use the St. Ives Daily Microdermabrasion once a day, usually in the morning or before going to work. I don't use the Mary Kay Facial Cleanser prior to applying the St. Ives Daily Microdermabrasion, since I feel that would be too harsh on my skin.

Lastly, I apply the Garnier Light Milkly Lightening Dew on my face and neck as a toner. I find this really mild and moisturizing, so I skip on applying moisturizer before putting on my makeup.  Also, prior to putting on my makeup, I sometimes apply my Block & White Sunblock with SPF 50 to my face and neck especially if it's hot outside. (forgot to include it in the photo)

Products used only when needed
Skin White Facial Cleanser

Every time I have bumps or pimples on my face, I use the Skin White Facial Cleanser (toner) to help dry it up. So far, this has worked for me.  Also, if I use a full coverage liquid foundation I make sure to use this instead of my Garnier Milkly Lightening Dew because, this product removes the foundation residue better.

I seldom use the Celeteque Facial Moisturizer now, since my face already feels moisturized after having used the Garnier Milky Lightening Dew, so I only use this when needed.

I use the Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil as a facial moisturizer only on times where my face is really dry. But it can actually be used as a deodorant, hair polish and even heal burns.

I only use the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque once a week just to let it sip out the oils on my face. Especially during the weekend when I just wanna relax because this gives out a minty tingling sensation. I feel that this really helps tighten my skin, thus giving me that fresh youthful glow.  I apply the Human Nature Beauty Oil after I use this masque because it can be very drying.

By the way, I also take Vitamin E and Vitamin C regularly.

Until next time.


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  1. Great skincare regimen. I really should try the Queen Helene mask soon.=))

  2. That is one good routine :)


  3. Interesting products! Really cool blog! New follower here :)

  4. i've been wanting to try queen helene :0 where did you purchase and how much?

  5. @Bee thanks for the follow.

    @Kara Rita, I bought the Queen Helen Mint Julep Masque at Healthy Options for only Php 379.00

  6. I haven't tried the St. Ives Microdermabrasion but want to try it. Great reviews~

  7. Thank you sooo much for the birthday wishes! The color on my nails is You Don't Know Jacques! =)

  8. Nice picks!

  9. i love the julep mask!
    it really made a difference with the before & after use!
    im glad nga na it's available pala at healthy options..
    kala ko i would have to buy it pa sa US!

  10. Thank you for sharing. I've always been curious how the Skin White facial cleansers.

  11. I have to try the mint julep mask! A lot of people love it, but I've never seen it anywhere :p I also take Vit E regularly :)

  12. i swear by my sunflower beauty oil too! must have! :)

    join my Paisley Clothing giveaway! WIN shoes, bag and chocolates!!!

  13. Hollie!i miss you and your blog! :D Ive tried Julep before and it works so well!

  14. Nice haul sis! I think I wanna try also Garnier Light Milkly Lightening Dew :)

    Following you now! :)

  15. i am so curious with the mint julep... i so want to try it next time.. humm hope..


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