Dinner with Hubby at Blue Elephant

8:00:00 PM

The last time my hubby and I had some alone time together was last Valentines.  So, we decided to go on a dinner date again, which we haven't had for a while.  "Blue Elephant" serves Thai cuisine and they are located at the ground level of The Walk, AsiaTown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City.

Nuf said, here's our dinner in pictures!

Blue Elephant Chef's Salad

Blue Elephant Bagoong Rice

Blue Elephant Fried Chicken with Peanut Sauce

Blue Elephant Thai Iced Tea

We paid around Php 500.00 for the whole dinner. So the price wasn't bad at all, it's just that their serving is smaller than compared to other Thai restaurants I've tried. The food was good, and the Peanut Sauce was amazing! If you've eaten at Krua Thai, their food is much better and the serving is way bigger too.

This is it for now.


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  2. The salad and chicken both look yummy! :P

  3. cute name for a thai resto :) and 500pesos for a dinner date is kind of okay narin ;)

  4. @Michelle, hehehe thanks gurl.

    @Pammy, they really are tasty.

    @Louise, lol...food trip lng..hehe

    @Hazel, If I remember correctly I think we paid 480Php. It's definitely not bad.


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