First Ever NOTD: Bobbie Mudslide

6:30:00 PM

I finally gave in! lol... I'm really bad with doing my nails because I'm so used to getting them done at my favorite Spa. In case you're wondering it's the "CK Spa" located at the ground floor of Diplomat Hotel in Ramos, Cebu City. I love it there because I always fall asleep in their lazy boy chairs while they are doing my nails, which is really comfortable and relaxing.

I really made an effort in learning how to groom my nails, because I realized that I can save more if I do it myself. Plus, it's fun to do.

Here it is!

Bobbie Nail Polish in Mudslide

This is it for now.


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  1. Pretty!! Will check that out! :)

  2. I have this too and I lovet!! :)

  3. so pretty shade Hollie! I prefer neutral shades din sa nail polish =)

  4. Hi Hollie,

    I have toe nails done on a regular basis so they will look presentable when I'm wearing flipflops but with my hand nails, I keep them short and unpolished.

    You have beautiful hand by the way:)

  5. Hi Hollie,
    I'm a new reader/follower. I love your blog! I think you chose a nice shade of polish. Personally I do my own nails and don't bother going for "salon" manicures but that's just me.

    Anyway if you could give my blog a visit that would be awesome!


  6. Hi Hollie! Thanks for dropping by, too! Glad to see another beauty blogger in Cebu!!! :)

    Cebu fashion blog

  7. I love your nails, they look so clean and the shape is great. Sometimes I also like to get my nails done at nail spas just to relax. :)

    This color is so nice, Bobbie always comes up with nice new colors :)

  8. @Michelle, you should it's so pretty!

    @Aya, saw this on Thiamere's blog and I just had to get it..hehe

    @Shopcoholic, I agree it looks more professional can clean that way.

    @AiDisan, I don't paint my nails everyday, I only do it once a week and I prefer my toe nails unpolished. and just have it cleaned.

    @Chrissy, thanks for following, followed you back.

    @Kristine R, You're welcome and it's my pleasure. me too!

    @Elaine, Thanks sis, my nails are always short and shaped that way. You should really check that color out, it's sooo pretty.

  9. i like the color. its cool to the eyes.

    oh! i prefer going to nail salons too. its convenient for me because i cant do my own finger nails! except, for the toe nails. haha! i can do it all by myself =D

  10. @Reina, I'm the other way around I can work with my fingernails by myself but, I have a hard time cleaning my toe nails, so that's always my reason for going to the spa. hehehe

  11. wow, you clean your nails so neat! i can never cut my nails that short. it hurts a lot when i do so... :( anyway, i love that color by the way. :)


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