Bigby's Lunch with my Birthday Boy + FOTD

9:45:00 PM

Okay, so I finally had time to make this post. It was my son's 3rd Birthday last March 19 and we just had a quick lunch at Bigby's here in Cebu (Ayala Center Branch).  I still had to work at 2pm that day, and my husband also had classes that day (LAW).

I felt really bad about not throwing him a birthday party, but it was more practical at the moment.  However, we celebrated his birthday again on the 20th together with the whole family. My mom cooked spaghetti, fruit salad, and many more. My older brother brought him cake and a new remote controlled toy car. My hubby and I got him a big 3-wheel kiddie motorcycle to ride on. He was so happy riding that thing, he wouldn't stop...LOL

 Red Ribbon's Tiramisu (taken on the 20th at parent's house)

 here's my hungry little boy...hehe

 Bigby's Spinach Dip
This is my hubby's favorite dish from Bigby's
he orders it every time we go there

 so cheesy! yummy...

Bigby's Passion Fish with Fries
Would you believe, my son ate the whole thing! He loves Fish!

Bigby's Grilled Chicken Carbona
This is one of my absolute favorites, it's the creamiest Carbonara ever!
I only took one bite of this and took it with me to the office because I was running late, it became my dinner...hehe

Bigby's Rasperry Iced Tea
I love this stuff, it's the only drink I always order from them

Products Used
Maybelline Volum Express Hypercurl Mascara in Very Black
Rimmel Mousse Blush in Juicy Lychee

This is it for now.


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  1. Awww cutie little boy!!! Belated happy birthday to him!

  2. yeah!! looks like he enjoyed his birthday! yeah! he's really cute! :D

  3. ang cute! and he's just 3? I wonder how my baby will look like when he reach that age?! :D
    Belated happy birthday to your angel... :)

  4. The BB cream looks really good on you! :D

    Happy birthday to your cute boy! :D

  5. wow the chicken carbonara looks yummy! ;)

  6. Happy birthday to the little man! :P The chicken looks yummy! :)

  7. Happy Birthday to the little one :) the cake looks so yummy!

  8. nice name/nickname, enzo!! :) and good thing he eats fish! diba may commercial na ayaw nung bata sa isda ;P

  9. the food is making me drool! haven't had lunch yet :) that's why!

  10. aigoo..i just had my dinner and i'm looking at the spinach

  11. A big thanks to all of you ladies!

  12. belated happy birthday to your son, he's so cute and adorable:)

  13. everything looks so yummy! belated happy birthday to your cute baby boy! :)

  14. @AiDiSan and @Sugar Sugar, It's super yummy and thanks for adoring my little boy...hehe


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