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Happy Thursday everyone! simply another busy day for me at the office.  I just wanted to share with you this picture my colleague took last December 2010. I was cleaning and organizing the files on my office computer and I stumbled on this photo. 

If you noticed I'm the only girl there. That's me in the center with absolutely no makeup.  In fact, I'm really the only female on the Technical Support Specialist Team.  There are 3 more guys who were not included in this photo since they are on a different shift.  Our Systems department is composed of only two sections, the technical support staff and the systems administrators.  There is also only one female systems administrator, so there are only 2 girls under the Systems department. (now you know why I

This photo was taken at our "Data Center" that's where all the company servers are stored.  In case you're wondering, I work for iComm International.  I'm really glad to be working with these guys, it is always fun everyday. Not only do they treat me as one of the boys, they also teach me a whole bunch of technical stuff.  So, I'm on the verge of "information overload"!

I'm an IT graduate, so my interest in technology and computers will always be a part of me.

I hope you weren't bored with my ramblings. I just decided to share a tinsy bit about me for a change. I'm planning to make more posts on other categories and not just make-up, so as to give my blog a little spunk.

Have a great day.


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  1. I always thought it was sexy for girls to be gamers, graphic designers and everything else technology related. :) I think it's a turn on for guys. You tell me! lol.

    Kudos for you! It comes to show that women can do what men do! I'm currently commenting on blogs I follow and I just reached C! LMAO. This will take a while but I saw that you have a new post so I was like, "Break time! Hollie first!" :)

    How can you possibly post on a daily basis, missy!? Kudos to you! :P

  2. Hello! thanks for your nice notes on my blog and for letting me know about yours.


  3. @Toni, thank you, really appreciate it! Now that you mentioned it, I don't know how I did
    I just post whenever the photos are available, if they're not then no posts for a few days..hehe

    @Michelle, it's my pleasure. do visit back!

  4. Good to know that you have an outlet for all your girliness! :))

  5. I gave you an award!

  6. haha i hope you don't feel intimidated getting surrounded by men in the IT! But good to know that women are also kicking men's butt even in that dept. i always associate IT with men, i don't know why :)

  7. @Michelle, I'm so grateful! thanks a million. that's my first ever blog award.

    @Hazel, I do feel intimidated sometimes, but I can easily brush it off since they're so fun to be


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