How to do your Makeup for a Job Interview

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This is it! You just got an interview call from the company that you always dreamed of getting into ever since you entered the final year of college. You have your documents ready, you rehearsed all the questions that could be asked. You even took out the perfect outfit that is needed to look sharp and immaculate. Now you are stuck on how to do your makeup. Should you go with bright and bold colors or to keep it in pastels?

You know that your face will make an ever lasting impression! Don’t lose your calm and overthink. You can do this in simple and easy steps. We are providing all the tips and tricks you need to make your look perfect. While shopping for them, don’t forget to check all on all the specifications! Many online shopping platforms such as Kallony or Kaymu are offering unlimited collections of makeup products online for easier shopping.

Here is all that you need to know!

1.  Start the preparation a night before!
Keep that fresh face that you have. A night before your interview, clean and rinse your face thoroughly. Apply the perfect moisturizer for your face to keep your skin feeling soft and fresh. Make sure to put a special amount of concentration on your lips. Take care of your lips by exfoliating them with a warm and wet cloth and putting on a good scrub. Then put on a generous amount of lip balm to make them smooth.

Keep all the features on your face in check. Check the shape of your eyebrows, if there is an extra hair here or there, take it out! Put eye brightening cream on your eyes to reduce the dark circles and if needed put on a few cucumber to make them look fresh and crisp. Lastly, get the required amount of sleep to make everything perfect.

2.  The lesser the makeup, the better!

It is the final day. You are all set and ready to do your makeup. Always keep one thing in mind! The lesser amount of makeup you have, the more impression you will end up making. Using light and pastel tones to keep the natural yet fresh look. For the eyeliner lovers, use thin strokes to only make your eyes pop up. Pair it up with some generous mascara to make those eyes look bigger. You have the liberty of choosing some eyeshadow but nothing too shiny.

Opt for soft rosy cheeks that only come out with a hint of blush. This will highlight your cheekbones giving them the natural pink look. Contouring is also a good idea! Do a little of it on the sides to make your face shape visible but remember to keep it natural.

Go for lipstick and not lip gloss and stick to light matte shades. Stay away from the bright reds and pinks as they are considered to be too flashy. Opt for the light nudes, neutrals or baby colors to create a subtle look.

3.   Have everything in place!
There is so much more to look at for the whole look. The first thing to consider is your hair. Make sure to that your whole face is visible. If you have bangs or a fringe, pin it back to show that gorgeous face you have. If you have really long hair, you mind consider to tie it up. Skip the bright and flashy accessories and opt for something sober.

Downplay the fragrance. The minimal usage of it will result in something better. The perfume that you use should have a subtle smell that is not too overpowering and will not fill up the room. It should only be enough to keep the people in the room comfortable. Have short to medium length nails and skip on the bright nail polish for this vital day.

So here you have all that you need to know!
Follow up on it all to nail your interview. Good luck!

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