Catrice Eyebrow Set Review

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I am one of those ladies who prefer to use an eyebrow pencil since it is much easier and faster to apply. However, an eyebrow powder usually gives the most natural look. Most of the time I just use a matte brown eyeshadow if I feel like grooming my brows with powder.

Product Info from Catrice Cosmetics
The ideal tool for gorgeous, shapely eyebrows: the practical CATRICE Eye Brow Set. In addition to tweezers, a brush and a mirror, it also contains two shades of powder for lighter and darker eyebrows, which can be perfectly aligned to suit your eyebrow color. A true all-rounder in an elegant case.

Retail Price: around €4.49 euros
mine was bought in Germany

This is the cutest eyebrow set I have seen to date. It is housed in this solid little compact which comes with a mirror.  The back portion of the case can be pulled open which carry tiny tweezers and a double-ended angle brush and spoolie. 

(photo taken with natural lighting)
It comes with two matte brown shades. Darker shade on the left and a lighter shade on the right.

Catrice Eyebrow Set Swatch

 This is how the Darker shade looked on my brows using the applicator that came with it.

What I like about it...
* inexpensive
* comes in a convenient solid compact
* comes with mirror, brush and tweezers which are surprisingly functional
* the shades looks natural on my brows
* has decent staying power, started to fade after 4 hours (without wax or brow gel)
* has decent pigmentation
* did not experience any itchiness or irritation

What I don't like...
* slightly chalky especially when I dip my angled brow brush on to the product
* not easily available, can be bought in European countries

My rating: 4 / 5 

I have tried using the In2it Brow Powder and the Wet n Wild Brow kit. Both comes with brown shades that have too much yellow undertone to it. I am glad the Catrice Eyebrow Set has a slightly ashy undertone, because their shades are the closest match to my natural eyebrow color.

Would definitely recommend this to those fond of using eyebrow powder.  Apart from the affordable price, it has a quality that delivers.

Until next time.


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  1. i use the elf eyebrow kit but it tends to be darker, this is a perfect shade! <3

    Carla Cee

  2. love the color... seems like a great brand!

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  3. I wish Catrice were locally available or at least ships internationally.

    Initially, from the pictures, I thought the shade looks light for you. But upon application it was very natural looking. Nice!

  4. OMG That spoolie! This seems like something I would buy just because of that applicator!

  5. I like that it's a complete kit already, with tweezers and all :D

    I use a combination of brow pencil and powder for my brows. And yes, I agree, pencils are so much easier to use, but powders give a really natural and soft look. I love the in2it brow kit (I use the gray-ish shade). I rarely use it by itself, though, because my brows are all over the place. haha. I need something to outline them first.


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