Bathology You Big Softy Body Lotion

10:19:00 AM

This is the body lotion I've been using most often since I received this present last December. Thanks Khymm. I have a couple more body lotions at home but I almost always grab this huge tube.

Product Info from Rustan's The Beauty Source
Rich in Vitamin E, the Bathology body lotion moisturizes and protects skin against 
environmental aggressors and neutralizes free radicals.

Retail Price: Php 395.00

What I like about it...
* inexpensive
* paraben free
* smells really good, reminds me of baby powder
* has thick and creamy consistency, which is perfect for my dry skin
* moisturizes really well
* seeps into skin quickly
* does not leave a greasy and sticky feel
* adorable name and packaging
* comes in a squeeze type tube, which makes it very handy

What I don't like...
* does not have SPF, but I use this mostly at night so it's okay
* only available at Rustan's and selected retailers

My rating: 4 / 5

the cap

it has a thick and creamy consistency

This is the tube against my hand, so you can tell how big it is.

In conclusion, I really like this body lotion and I'll definitely repurchase. I just hope I can find this again at our local Rustan's Department Store here in Cebu. I haven't seen any of the Bathology products since late December. I don't know yet if they are going to restock, I hope they do. ^_^

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  1. There are three things I like about this: HUGE, inexpensive and it moisturizer. I'm sold! :)

    Chic Beauty on a Budget


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