REVIEW: Human ♥ Nature Citronella Bug Spray

2:24:00 PM

I've already emptied two bottles of the Human Nature Citronella Bug Spray and I just have to share this with everyone.

I've been using the OFF Mosquito Repellent lotion for Kids on my son for a long time and I noticed it doesn't seem to work, because he still gets mosquito bites. After repurchasing the OFF lotion bottle after bottle, I just had to search for an alternative and that's when I found Human ♥ Nature.  When it said DEET Free and 100% no harmful chemicals I quickly searched for the nearest Human ♥ Nature branch here in Cebu and bought the Citronella Bug Spray without thinking twice.

Product Info from Human Nature

100% natural bug spray effectively protects you from disease-causing mosquitoes and pesky bugs without the nasty effects of toxic chemicals. Includes organic virgin coconut oil (VCO), known for its skin-healing, moisturizing and anti-microbial benefits. It also contains organic citronella oil, a well known insect repellent, organic lemongrass, essential oil together with rosemary and lavender essential oils give off a pleasant smell that’s good for you but bad for the mozzies and bugs! Suitable for very young children!

Retail Price: Php 129.75 100ml
also available in 50ml

What I like about it...

* inexpensive, especially if you've been buying the OFF mosquito repellent you will really appreciate how much this stuff saves a lot of money
* very effective, I apply this on my son after his morning bath and he doesn't have any bug bites for the whole day,  he sleeps so soundly in the afternoon without having to worry about those pesky mosquitoes.
* a little goes a long way, since this is oil based, it's very easy to apply this on both arms and legs
* Deet free and & 100% no harmful chemicals, it made me stop worrying about using this everyday like I did with the OFF lotion

What I don't like...

* the fragrance is overwhelming, especially on your first try. It smells like Manzanilla. But we all got used to scent after a few days of using it.

My rating: 5 / 5

Thumbs Up to this product! It's what every mother could ask for, inexpensive, effective and totally safe. I highly recommend this to you all especially if you're also living in a tropical country like we do.  Rainy season is also starting here in Philippines so this would be perfect for "Dengue" prevention.

To know more about Human ♥ Nature products, you can check out their website HERE.

This is it for now.


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  1. Yey glad to know it works well :) I'm including this in my H<3N to-buy list :D Thanks for the review Hollie :D

  2. wow! this one looks promising! i want!!!!! :D great review sweetie!

  3. WOW!!!

    I stay away from off because it was said to cause skin cancer!! This is a wonderful alternative!


    PS- We're having a clearance sale! Check it out at MeTime Manila

  4. i have this for my son and yeah the smell is powerful. just a reminder, the oil in the bottle leaked from the cap that's why my son's bag is so
    hope it doesnt happen to you

  5. @Aya, you're welcome sis. let me know what you think about it ha.

    @The Beauty-Addict, you try it sis, so effective!

    @Michelle, that's why I was worried that OFF could harm my kiddo, glad I found this.

    @Debi, ack! that hasn't happened to me yet. but thanks for the headsup, will definite pack this seperately the next time I place it inside my sons back pack.

  6. Hey Hollie! I love this too! I use this on my toddler an it works great, I like the smell as well.

  7. my cousin's baby uses this haha! :) great review sis. and yes, the smell can be a bit overwhelming but it's really good. ;)

  8. Thanks for the post sissy... Gusto ko bilhan anak ko nito. Bec she doesn't like OFF lotions mainit daw sa balat. But how about this one sissy, hot does it feel when you apply it?

  9. @Raine, glad to know more mommies are using this.

    @sugar sugar, thanks sis. I super agree.

    @Sweethesia, hmmm it's waaay better than the OFF lotion, it's feels very light when applied.

  10. hi hollie, where in cebu did you buy this? i want to buy some too!c:

  11. @Dee, hello, I bought this at the Human Nature office here in Cebu, it's at Galleria Bldg. Across Robinsons Place, beside Sampaguita Suits.


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