REVIEW: Cover Girl Eyeslicks Gel Eyecolor

9:04:00 AM

I almost forgot to do a review on this, but I remembered a couple of readers (Tiffie and Jeeya)  requesting a review on the Cover Girl Eyeslicks Gel Eyecolor on my haul post HERE. So I won't keep you waiting, here it is!

 Product Info from Cover Girl
Glide-on, smooth pencil gives a thick, shimmery line.

Retail Price: $4.00 based on

Available in 10 shades.

Left Black Velvet, Right Dark Denim

What I like about it...
* inexpensive
* fragrance-free
* very handy, especially if you don't like bringing along powdered eye shadows on your makeup bag.
* Glides and blends easily
* Build-able color
* very good alternative to cream eyeshadows
* has the right amount of shimmer which is very subtle

What I don't like...
* It's a pencil eyeliner so I have to sharpen it every now and then
* tends to crease if there's no eye primer prior to application
* this product is Discontinued.

My rating: 3 / 5

This can be worn alone but I find this perfect as an eyeshadow base, especially for smokey looks because the shades I bought are dark. If it were the lighter shades, it would probably pass as a highlighter. So, in conclusion this is an okay product, it's not bad but it's not that good either. If you don't have cream eyeshadow palettes, this would be a very good alternative.  I bought these at for around Php 80.00 pesos.

This is it for now.


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  1. Ah, I remember these! I wonder why they're getting discontinued. They make for nice eye shadow bases.

  2. Aww, boo! They're discontinued?! =(

  3. they look nice and I love the colors you got.

    too bad they're dc'd. at least you got them for real cheap on ebay. Yay!

  4. thanks for mentioning my name :)

    love your posts

  5. Sayang, discontinued na :(

  6. I love the price tag the most! LOL

  7. nice post!
    you can find me at

  8. ww thats too bad that they discontinued cuz it looks like a good product!

  9. For P80, it seems like a good one! :D

  10. i was getting excited until i read "discontinued"...sayang!

  11. I have these eyeslicks in pink and white but these darker shades look more pretty!:D Anyway, it seems that amazing products from Revlon & CG are always discontinued. :(

  12. great review hollie :D too bad they discontinued this! :/


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