Nails of the Week: Sunny Side Up

8:54:00 PM

Since most of you really loved the Sunny Side Up shade from swatches I posted with my Wet n Wild nail polish haul HERE, I decided to wear this nail color for the week. (I don't use nail polishes often)

I attempted to do another nail art but, I decided to do it in just one finger, I might mess it up if I did the

This it for now.


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  1. I think it's a lot more flattering on just one nail actually :)

  2. nice accent to your nails, I kind of like it just on one nail cuz then it's not too cluttered :D

  3. I have just awarded you a blog award ..look at this !

  4. i think you did a good job hollie! it's very bright & reminds me of summer. it's been raining a lot lately. :/

  5. @Michelle, thanks sis.

    @maricarljanah, thank you sis, I really appreciate it.

    @Aya, thanks sis, I hope I can do nail art like you do..hehe

    @Pop Champagne, thanks. I do agree with you on that. keeping it simple made it cute..hehe

    @Jeeya, OMG, really, that's so nice of you! thanks.

    @sugar sugar, yeah it's very summery but the cold and rainy weather is not helping at

    @i am certified, thanks dear.


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