Etude House Haul

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This is my first ever Etude House Haul, so I'm really looking forward to trying out these products. I've bought a couple of items from Etude House before, but it was just tools that I needed. Like nail art stickers, mask brush, sponges and that was it. So when I saw that they're having a 20% off grand sale, I knew I had to go.

Etude House Haul

Nail Polish
I tested out the matte nail polish but I didn't like it so I just bought the regular one. I've been looking for this specific shade anyway so it's still awesome that I found it. They already have a crackle nail polish but I didn't buy it, now I'm thinking of going back for it. LOL 

Oh My Eyelash Double Up Volume
I love the brush applicator of this variant.

Lip & Eye Makeup Remover
I picked this up because it has more product compared to Maybelline's Eye & Lip makeup remover.

Fresh Nailwash Safe Nail Color Remover
I was just curious how this would be different to other nail polish removers I've been using.  So I just bought.

Etude House Cotton Puff
I intended to buy my favorite cotton pads at Watsons but they were not available. I'm just glad I found this as a replacement. I got it for only Php 38.00 pesos! and oh these are sterilized cotton pads.

I finally have an Etude House Pink Membership card!
You can avail this for a minimum single receipt purchase of Php 500.00

This is it for now.


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  1. Great haul, girl! =) Sorry you didn't like the nail polish but the bottle seems pretty. I don't think we have an Etude House in Hawaii... =( Oh wells. Enjoy your goodies!


  2. Nice Etude House haul! I'll check out their sale tomorrow. :P

  3. Awesooome ! I've already tried these items :)

    Although I have to say that the MU remover is not very effective in removing the Oh-m'lash mascara :/ (I'm using the Volume and Longlash variant). I wonder if this happens to you too :/ It's the only MU item i've tried that can't be removed by the lip and eye makeup remover :/

  4. Oooohhhh!! Great purchases!! Ugh! I was just there and I forgot that I actually needed facial pad thingys... Oh well! A reason to go back! LOL

  5. wow, buti kapa nakahanap ng lip and eye makeup remover! for the 3rd time i went at SM Manila, it's always os together with hair bubbles in natural brown and milk tea cleansing foam (suggested by michelle). well, i'll be going back on tues, sana may stock na ulit sila ^_^ nice haul. i might get the cotton puff thing-y too! thanks for sharing

  6. hollie dear try the body shops cotton pads. i really like those. i want their crackle polish but haven't had time to pay their branches a visit. i hope those don't run out. :(

  7. @D.Sadie, thanks you.

    @Debi, thanks dear.

    @Pammy, you should go sis, I'm sure you won't go empty handed..hehe

    @Aya, thanks for the heads up sis, will see how it goes with me.

    @Michelle, hahaha, I'm planning to go back myself...LOL!

    @KikaysiMaria, their makeup remover is always out of stock, I was so happy when I found it available during the sale.

    @sugar sugar, cool, thanks for the info I'll definitely check that out. yeah I hope the crackle polish doesn't run out too.

  8. great haul! can't wait to go to Etude myself. *wasakan ng wallet ito, haha! :) new follower here, dear! :)

  9. Oh my!!! I love etude products as well!!!

    Check out my hauls at my blog. :)


  10. Very nice!! :) Etude is so cute! :)

  11. great haul! i envy you, i actually stopped my self from buying too much from etude, huhu

  12. @shopgirl jen, hehe so true! I followed you back.

    @Daphne, thanks dear, btw I followed your blog.

    @Rainy Days and Lattes, I have to agree with you on that, it's just so girl and sooo PINK@

    @aringkingking, thanks dear, this is the first time I've splurge from Etude so I'm hoping there won't be a next so that I won't be totally broke! lol

  13. great etude haul! you're so lucky you can access etude products so easily!!!

  14. Nice haul. I really like the packaging of their nail polishes. It's really girly and pretty!

  15. Lots of great stuff from Etude! I've got to drop by soon! :)
    New follower here. :)


  16. love the EH haul!!! wish i can drop by there soon !

  17. @Lisa, thanks, yeah I was so happy when Etude finally opened here in Philippines.

    @EverydayMakeup, Yes, all their packaging are so pretty and girly.

    @fashionistarchitec, Thanks for dropping by.

    @Hazel, thanks sis. you should go there the sale is almost ending.

  18. I love Etude House! Had my first loot din yesterday (last day ng sale haha)

  19. @Janinay, I originally planned to go back on the last day of sale but I ran out of funds... in short I'm broke LOL!


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