REVIEW: Sephora Full Sized Matte Lipstick in 541

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 Product Info from Sephora
A highly-pigmented, long-lasting lipstick with a matte finish. This rich matte formula glides on smooth with an intense, stay-true color that lasts all day - and night. Plus the hydrating formula keeps lips hydrated and protected.

Retail Price: $8.00 based on Amazon website
Available in tons of different shades.

What I like about it...
* inexpensive (I bought it at
* pigmented, but not as pigmented if compared with NYX lipsticks
* very sturdy packaging, I noticed that the plastic tube is thick
* has a lot of product inside
* has a faint caramel like scent but barely noticeable
* glides on to lips easily
* did not make my lips dry
* lasts longer about 5 hours
* did not experience any allergies or irritation

What I don't like...
* starts to fade when I eat or drink
* this is a discontinued line so it's hard to find.

My rating: 3 / 5

In conclusion, I wouldn't say this is an awesome matte lipstick, but it's not bad either.  I compared it with my NYX round lipstick in Doll (see image above) because I noticed that their shades are quite close. The nyx lippie is way more pigmented and creamy but the Sephora lipstick has better staying power.  I also noticed that the packaging is a little similar, but the NYX round lipstick packaging is shorter and the plastic tube is thinner.

I'd probably buy other shades from the Sephora line since they offer a wide range of shades which other brands don't have. Would I recommend? I'd say yes, this is a good matte lipstick to have around.

This is it for now.


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  1. I don't usually wear lipsticks especially matte ones cos I have super dry and chappy lips. so panget :/

  2. Pretty shade! :P Been looking for reviews about those lipsticks but couldn't find any so I passed on them. And thanks to your review, I'm now about to search for those on eBay. Haha!

  3. great review, such a pretty shade. too bad they discontinued :(

  4. great review dear! too bad this is discontinued. :/ i think it looks gorgeous on your lips pa naman! :)

  5. Love the colour!

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  6. it looks good on you hollie! i like that it doesn't make the lips dry :)

  7. @MissKatV, oh you should invest on a good lip balm. Try carmer or lip ice.

    @Pammy, hahaha. they're pretty good for the price.

    @fashioneggpplant, although it's discontinued, you can still find them at

    @sugar sugar, yeah, and I like that it stays long and isn't drying. there's always ebay. hehe

    @Jaci Walker, thank you.

    @Hazel, thanks sis!

  8. it looks so fab on you hollie! :) and 5 hours? wow! i want one! thanks for the review!

  9. love sephore! :D and the lipstick color is amazing ^-^

    xxx London & Paris

    ps: you can still join our chanel giveaway ^-^

  10. I love red lippies! In fact, I’m having a collection.
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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