Oseur Lipstick in No. 9 Swatch

5:30:00 PM

After seeing Janah of Maricarljanah raved so much about this perfect Bright Hot Pink Lipstick. I just had to get it. You can watch her wearing this particular lipstick in this video HERE.

I'm not entirely sure where you can find Oseur Cosmetics, but I got mine at Metro Gaisano Colon, Cebu City.  I think this is available in Manila too, just check the cosmetic counters at Metro Department stores.  It retails for only Php 38.00 pesos! (less than a dollar) It's the most inexpensive lipstick I ever got, so thumbs up for that.  

What surprised me was, it's pigmented, glides easily, not drying and stays really long like crazy. I even had a hard time removing it using my Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.  I was even happier when this lipstick didn't sting my lips at all, hurray!  The only downside of this is the smell. I don't know how to describe it, but it smells weird. The scent goes away after applying, so it's okay.

 image taken without flash

 image taken with flash

If you're looking for the perfect inexpensive matte Hot Pink lipstick, Oseur Lipstick in No. 9 is a Must try!  If you've tried this, do share your views about it.

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  1. wahh!! ang ganda!!! gusto ko niyan meron dito na oseur sa manila but parang di parehas

  2. Cool! :D
    I've don't really use lipsticks, only lipbalms and tints.. :)) But since I'm in college na, I think I should try? Haha :) My friends love wearing hot pink lipsticks. Most especially lipsticks from Etude :) But this one's cheap and pigmented. Maybe I should try this one! Sana may oseur sa Manila..
    Ang nakikita ko lang kasi Oseur na pearl cream :P

  3. 38 Php???? WHOAAA I have to find some. Haha

  4. That is one HOT color! ♥ And at such a bargain price too!

  5. the strongest pink i ever tried! hehe

  6. Omgosh that color is so pretty!!! It's stunning on your lips!!

    You can so wear jeggings hon! They look good on anybody.. I use to think I couldn't wear them unless I was stick skinny but I'm telling you they suck all your fat in and holds it in hahaha that's why I love them!! It does take me like 10 min to put on though hahah because I have to struggle to get them on so I try not to drink any water after I have them on otherwise going to the bathroom is a pain hahaha

  7. I've never heard of this brand before but that's a very pretty hot pink shade! :P

  8. as pigmented as NYX? this is really uber-affordable!

  9. @donnarence, just to check it they may have this in their stalls.

    @tinee, I think there's oseur in Manila another beauty blogger in Manila bought an oseur lippie.

    @Aya, O nga sis, the price is unbelievable!

    @Dee, you can say that again... so hot talaga!

    @DamnVixen, I so agree with you.

    @Lisa, Thank you! I recently bought 3 pairs of jeggings and so far I'm really liking them, it makes me look like I have curvs!

    @Pammy, yeah I never even knew about this before, if I haven't seen it on maricarljanah's video.

    @Geishcharles, no I wouldn't say it's as pigmented as NYX but its really decent.

  10. It looks good! :) I'll better try that one. :)

  11. hot color and pocket friendly.

  12. @JesRoque, thanks Jes, yes you should.

    @gingerSnap, so agree with you on that. hehe

  13. i don't think it's available here in manila... :( i haven't seen that yet.. but will check again. :D

  14. I like the color! Unfortunately, I haven't found any Oseur stands in any mall near me :(

    Btw, I'm Em. New follower here :)

  15. ang cute ng pagka-pink! may Oseur ba sa metro ayala?

  16. @Hazel I think this can be found on very few stores in Manila.

    @Em, thanks for the follow.

    @Shopcoholic, so true sis. nice jud. but it's not available in metro ayala.

  17. I recently bought an Aido lipstick. It's even cheaper than this one! It's only P25! Whoaaaa

  18. I've got one and i must say its a really a good buy!=)

    anyhow,new blogger here.=)

  19. Is this available in davao? I hope it is :(

  20. I love Oseur Products, especilly 'ung pearl Paste Cream nila (Anti Aging Cream Pearl Paste Pink) Bakit bigla nalang nawala sa market. Please email me. Kung saan ako makakbili ng ganyang product. Omesu Pearl Paste (Pink) Anti Aging kccuttarlac@gmail.com / kasukipilipinas@gmail.com Thanks....

  21. Oh yes there are oseur lip pRoducts at metr0 c0l0n,and i so love it, i just b0ugHt an oseur 04 sunburSt glow shimMy lipSTick that c0st oNLy 88php, ive seEn that hotpink in their buT im n0t really sure aBouT the pRice now since this t0pic was year 2011 pa..bAKa 88 lang din, bAbALik ako dun to get this oNe,haha mganda pala..thanks :)


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