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I'm excited to show this, since I've finished several Skin Care products that I've been using for a couple of months. It just feels great to really finish and empty out a bottle or a tube.

So here it is from Left to Right:

SkinWhite whitening body lotion Papaya Variant.
Celeteque facial wash
GynePro feminine wash
Celeteque facial moisturizer
L'Occitane body lotion
Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup remover
Human Nature Body Butter Mango variant

L'Occitane can be found at Rustan's. It was gift from my best friend, she actually gave me 2 bottles of the lotion. It smells really good and it's super moisturizing. As for the Human Nature Body Butter, I got it from my mom before I became a Human Nature dealer, you can visit their website HERE or you can contact me if you want to purchase Human Nature products.  The rest of those products are items I purchased at Watson's, my favorite Beauty Store.

And also, I would like you to know that the SkinWhite papaya variant smells super nice and it has SPF10 as well, you should try it out!

This is it for now.


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  1. yay for emptying them!! :D feels so good noh? Now you can try other products:)

  2. @Hazel, so true. Now I'm on to my next stuff to try out!

  3. Congratulations!!! =))) Haul on what you chose to replace these! LOL

  4. Yey! Now it's time for another haul post. Hahaha! I'm thinking of getting the Maybelline makeup remover too. Running out of my Etude House one :/

  5. @Michelle, hahaha na unahan mo ako. Meron ako post for new haul! lol

  6. that's lots of empties in one go :)!! congrats!

  7. love love l'oocitane! :) good job on finishing up the products dear!

  8. I also love l'occitane especially their shampoo and soap. Smells really good! i'm just wondering if skinwhite works well:-)

  9. OMG this is soo awesome. I have used up my Revlon Color Stay foundation and I was so excited lol. I've never finished a bottle of foundation in my life haha.

  10. @Aya, hehehe, you bet there's another haul for replacement of these empties hahaha.

    @Jennifer, yeah, I was so happy.

    @sugar sugar, I fell inlove with the L'occitane lotion when I used it. Too bad I only have 1 bottle left and it's almost finished too.

    @Minakichu, why don't you give skinwhite a try, it hasn't failed me yet... hehe

    @EveryDay Makeup, hahaha... I know how that feels! it's awesome to really finish a product, knowing that it didn't go to waste.

  11. wow this is great, i just bought my celeteque moisturizer, i hope it will do wonders on me..hehe!

  12. can i buy human nature body butter?

  13. @Jenggay, it doesn't really do wonders, but it's perfect for oily skinned people coz it's water based.

    @Anonymous, You can buy Human Natura Products from their Website


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