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Here's another interesting lipstick that I found online while I was browsing through I got it really cheap, but in case you're wondering this retails for $6.36 at Target.

I was looking for more information about this product but I failed.  The Rimmel sweet stuff lipstick comes the Rimmel Underground line so it can't be found on their official website. I just felt the need to write a review about this product since it's totally different from most lipsticks I have tried.

What I like about it...
* inexpensive
* sleek packaging, I really like the slender black tube with the silver Rimmel logo on the center.
* it smells and tastes sweet. The scent is similar to a strawberry candy. As most of you know, you can only find sweet smelling and sweet tasting lip products on lip gloss or lip balms, but this is the first time I've tried a lipstick that does the same. It awesome!
* very moisturizing, it did not dry out my lips at all.
* it has little shimmers which makes my lips look fuller
* the color payoff is excellent. With just one swipe you can already see the color.
* creamy and glides easily
* I did not experience any allergies or irritation

What I don't like...
* not available locally
* staying power is decent, but easily fades if I drink or eat something.
* there are times that the smell bothers me. Others might find the sweet smell too overpowering.

My rating: 3 / 5

So I'd say this is good product to have around. It's not that great but it's not bad either.  If  you're a matte lover, and don't like shimmers I'd say you skip this.  However, if you like lip glosses that smells and tastes sweet without the sticky feeling, I'd say go grab the Rimmel Sweet Stuff Lipstick. 

I won't be repurchasing this because, the quality and feel of this product is similar to a lip gloss.  I have a couple tinted lip glosses that has a much better staying power than this.

Have you tried sweet smelling and sweet tasting lipsticks? If you have, do share.

This is it for now.


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  1. Yes to sweet-tasting/smelling lipsticks! :D I hate the ol' lipstick-y smell ;\ But too bad this one has not so great staying power :\

  2. Pretty shade1 Looks lovely on your lips. :P

  3. The color seems vibrant enough to brighten the whole face and best part is it's cheap. Great review!:-)

  4. Really beautiful color! :) it's really pretty on your lips!

  5. Gorgeous color! Great review. I'll pick it up when I come across it but won't look for it ;)

  6. Thanks ladies!
    I really didn't look for this I just happen to find it. It was actually a Rimmel london set that I saw on The set include, Rimmel Stay Matte foundation, Rimmel Mousse Blush, Rimmel Eyeshadow Trio and this lipstick... I won the bid for only 220 pesos! Definitely a steal!

  7. it does look like just tinted lipgloss! good thing you bought it cheap otherwise it will be money down the drain with this product!

  8. Hiya Hollie! Thanks for following! I know what you mean about Rimmel lipstick but they also have longer staying products if you're after one of such quality. The good thing about Rimmel cosmetics is the price... They're very affordable and always got loads of colours to choose from every season. However, I must admit, I don't own any at the moment aside from their ever reliable eye make up remover but I do buy them every now and then as inexpensive gifts to family and friends hahahaha!

  9. @Hazel, yeah, the prices was super amazing that's the reason why I bought...hehe

    @Gracie, I have the Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks and it's awesome, it's definite one of my favorites.


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