RBBH Look: Simple and Easy Makeup for Work

10:01:00 PM

Here's another simple look I've created which can be worn in the workplace. It doesn't take too long to finish and it's fairly easy to do. The Eye diagram will surely guide you to the eyeshadow application. Just remember to always blend, blend, blend.

Eye Diagram

Products used for my Eyes
Rimmel London Colour Rush Trio Eyeshadow in Lynx
Maybelline Volum Express Waterproof Mascara Hypercurl in Black
Elf Eye Primer and Liner Sealer
Marionnaud Angled Brush

Product used for my Cheeks
Rimmel Mousse Blush in Juicy Lychee

 Product used for my Lips 
Revlon Creme Gloss in Mischievous Mocha

Products used for my Face
ELF All Over Cover Stick in Honey Beige

The Final Look

Whew! Sorry about the messy hair. I'm currently having hair troubles, since my hair is thick and it's too dry. I'm currently testing out the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Repairing Treatment conditioner hoping that this will help make my hair healthy. (crossing my fingers)

This is it for now.

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  1. Great look! Do you have a review of the ELF eye primer and the cream liner? :) Just wondering, what brushes do you use? Thanks!

  2. Pretty and easy! :D Will try this one sometime with the shades I have:)

  3. @Elaine, Thanks sis. Yes, I do have a review for the cream eyeliner, there's link above. for the Primer, I didn't make a review but it does a good job both as a primer and a liner sealer. As for the brushes, it's a mix, I use elf, marionnaud and some generic brushes I found at the mall.

    @Aya, thank sis, glad you like it.

  4. you gorgeous Hollie! fave ko rin neutrals for the office =) about NARS dupe pala, I read that ELF studio blush in candid coral looks similar to NARS deep throat while ELF peachykeen is similar to NARS Luster...

  5. I love how you incorporated color in an everyday look! :)

  6. @Shopcoholic, Thanks sis. I was looking in to the Elf Studio blushes and wanted to buy some.

    @Michelle, Thank you. glad you liked it.

  7. Hi Hollie,

    Simple but nice make up you can wear everyday for work. That's the kind of make up I'm sporting since Monday.

    I also have that ELF eye primer in stick form, it makes my eyesshadow color a little vivid but not of big help with my oily lids.

  8. @AiDiSan, I have dry skin/lids that's why the elf primers works for me...hehe

  9. pretty! love the whole look :D

  10. gorgeous look! wish i have access to Rimmel too :D and I appreciate the computer-drawn eyeshadow sketches (the first pic) so much !!!

  11. hi hollie!! love your work makeup it's pretty but professional :)

    to answer your question i think a light pink colored top would be excellent with brown leggings.. it's very romantic.. something about pink and brown work so well together :)

  12. @Locke, thank you, appreciate it.

    @Jennifer, I bought that Rimmel eyeshadow palette online. Glad the diagram helped you.

    @Lisa, Thanks. I've never thought about pink, the first think that came to mind was white. I'll look for a light pink blouse then...thanks again.

  13. so pretty :D I love how you did the diagram

  14. More tutorials and FOTD's please! :P

  15. @Amy, awww thank you. I'm happy to hear that.

    @Pammy, Thank you sis, will surely make time for more FOTD and tutorials..hehe.

  16. natural but gorgeous look hollie...i have rimmel duo shades(pink & purple) but don't know how to put it on...hehehe...so blending is the secret huh? thanks a lot for the info...

  17. hi can u tell me the exact color of the last shade. i know it's brown. but it might have a different name like dusk or something. thanks

  18. @Anonymous, so sorry but there's no name for each color on the Rimmel Eyeshadow Palette in Lynx. You can look for a similar matte brown shade with an orange undertone.


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