My Makeup Loot!

9:50:00 PM

Hey ladies, I just wanted to share with you my makeup collection. I know it's not much, but I do use all of them. That way they don't go to waste or reach expiry date.  I'm still saving up for a decent makeup train case because they are so pricey.  I would be so lucky if somebody gives me a train case this Christmas. (wishful

Anyway, I'm just using this plastic organizer which I bought from Ace Hardware for Php 75.00 pesos each.

Below is my blue makeup organizer.
This is where I store all my makeup brushes, lipstick, lipgloss, lip plumpers, makeup wipes, and false eyelashes.

Below is my Pink makeup organizer.
This is where I store all my pencil liners for eyes, brows and lips. 
I also store here all my eyeshadow palettes, blushers, bronzer, foundation, eye primers, and mascara.

I've been purchasing most of my makeup online for the past 3 weeks and I already had 3 packages sent to me just for the month of December and the month hasn't even ended

My makeup loot is still growing, so expect more product reviews from me...hehehe

Happy blogging everyone!


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  1. Hey I saw you comment and I just wanted to let you know that if you don't have those straighteners in the Phillipines, then you could maybe order them online at Talk to you soon :)

  2. Hi. I think your makeup collection is just right. At least you get to show love on all of them. :P

    I have really downsized my makeup collection to those that I really get to use. It would be really sad to just let those makeups go to waste. :)

  3. @emily... I saw conair hair straighteners at will probably get one for myself.

    @Pammy... I know what you mean. I really love to use all of them. Sometimes I do makeup for my friends for free just so my makeup will be used...hehehe


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