Your Guide To Summer-Ready Skin: Protect and Repair To Achieve That Summer Glow!

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Sunnier days are upon us, which means summer season is here, and for Filipinos it is one of the best times to tick off their travel bucket list or simply spend quality time with their loved ones. The Philippines is gifted with a variety of spots to cool down during the dry season. Thanks to its geographical features, our country can enjoy stretches of pristine white sand beaches surrounded by crystal-clear waters, caves and other rock formations, and many more sites that both locals and foreigners can enjoy.

While you may think that flip flops, sunglasses and hats will be the main character of your go-to summer bag, don’t forget to save some room for your sunscreen to keep you protected from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure, which can cause visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.

Despite the fact that sunscreen is probably on top your list for outdoor activities, it’s actually a good practice to use it year-round and make it part of your daily skincare routine. Y.O.U Beauty’s commitment to improve one’s skin health goes beyond the surface level, the transformation it brings gives you confidence and ultimately achieve that long-lasting beauty from within.


 The Sunbrella Series offers broad-spectrum sun protection which means that it canprotect your skin against both UVA and UVB rays. The UVA rays cause premature aging of our skin like wrinkles and age spots, while the UVB rays result to sunburn. Sunbrella’s SPF 50+ formula can block 98% of UVB rays and PA++++ provides great protection from UVA.

It is also important to consider your skin type and the activities you have planned out when choosing the right sunscreen, that’s why Y.O.U Beauty offers a range of sunscreen products that you can choose from.

1. Y.O.U Sunbrella Intensive Care Aqua Sunscreen, is recommended for those who have sensitive skin it is a gentle multi-benefit sunscreen that provides 8X all around protection that consist skin caring ingredients SymWhite 377 for brightening and Ceramide for skin barrier support and extra nourishment, perfect for those who planned out to spend their summer attending music festivals and hiking.

2. Y.O.U Sunbrella Triple UV Elixir Sunscreen, can be your bestie if you are up for some beach volleyball action. This lightweight and hydrating sunscreen is infused with 3X oil control and soothing ingredients including Matmarine^TM, Witch Hazel and 4D Centella Asiatica to keep your oily skin under control while preventing any white cast and greasiness.

3. Y.O.U Sunbrella Tone Up UV Elixir Sunscreen, Intensive UV protection sunscreen with Photosensitive Smart Powder, enriched with Sunflower Seed Oil, SymWhite 377, and Hyaluronic Acid to protect your skin from sun damage and also helps to brighten dull skin, giving you a radiant and glowing complexion that can make you always look good in-front of the camera to capture that memories in every tourist spots that you visit.

4. Y.O.U Sunbrella Airy Outdoor Sunscreen Spray, for those who enjoy water sports and always on the go. This sunscreen offers Ultra-lightweight sunscreen spray with SPF 50+ PA++++ enriched with Niacinamide and Buddleja Officinalis Extract to nourish skin provide intensive protection against UVA/UVB/IR rays, perfect for every kind of outdoor activity plus it is reef friendly so you can confidently enjoy your under water activities without harming our coral reefs.

Nourish, protect, and repair your skin and make sure it receives well-deserved love while you create your memorable summer experience and stay protected under the sun. 

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Y.O.U Beauty is an international beauty brand from HEBE Beauty Group. Upholding the brand philosophy of “Long-Lasting Beauty”, Y.O.U Beauty is committed to providing every individual accessible beauty with advanced technology, inspiring them to keep an exquisite attitude, blooming their long-lasting beauty from within. With a presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and other markets across the world, Y.O.U Beauty understands the needs of consumers from different markets and provides them across a product portfolio featuring makeup, skincare, body care, and beauty tools. For more information please visit:


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