myMallBox Review: Shipping from US to PH made easy

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Shopping from the US just got easier with myMallBox! What is myMallBox? It is a package forwarding company that helps ship American products to international users.

I first discovered myMallBox around mid February 2017, since they sent me an invitation email to try out their service. I then checked their website to see what it was about and how it works. I tried a similar service before, but I was just not too happy about it, that's why I didn't bother looking for another alternative. myMallBox team gave me some credits to my account, just so I can try out their service and so I did.

Since I initially just wanted to try out their service, I did not go crazy with my purchase. I wanted to get a feel of how they process things and to my surprise, it was fairly easy and hassle free.

I went ahead and proceed with signing up on the myMallBox website. Once done I received an email asking me to verify my email address. Along with that email was my very own US mailing address. I then went ahead and visited the Shop Miss A website where I bought makeup tools. I then checked out and just entered the US mailing address that myMallBox provided me. After a week, I received a notification from myMallbox that they received my package from Miss A.

Once the items arrived at the myMallBox warehouse, I logged in to my account and checked the items under "My Packages" tab. I then changed the declared amount for each item (which I am able to, it's super cool!). I am then given two options, whether to choose Consolidate or Repack my items.

Consolidation is combining multiple packages in to one box, so you can ship your items together and save money. Repacking is packing your items from one single package into a smaller box or bubble mailer. This may reduce shipping costs if the original box is too large for the product it contains.

Since I only had one package, I chose to repack. I waited for about a day or two then logged back in to my account and found that my orders have been repacked. I then proceed with checkout, there is an option whether to choose DHL or USPS, I went ahead and chose DHL and paid $31 via paypal.

On March 9, 2017 I received an email notification together with my DHL Expresse Package Tracking number from myMallBox that my package is on its way. On March 13, my package was delivered at my doorstep. There were no extra charges or fees which is awesome!

Overall, my experience was fantastic and I am truly impressed with their service. It's definitely, easy, hassle free, and a lot cheaper compared to other package forwarding companies. Also, I'd like to note that your packages can stay as long as 90 days on their warehouse, so you will definitely have enough time to consolidate your packages if you plan on buying from different websites.

So if you are interested in buying products from the US and would like to try the myMallBox service, you can use my referral link HERE and get $5 credited to your account once you sign up.

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  1. Hey Hollie, what card did you use for payment? Sometimes the store doesn't accept kapag ph yung card tapos us yung destination :(

    -- Rae

    1. Hi Rae, I just used my Paypal Balance since I had active funds on it. But my BPI Amore is the card tied to my Paypal account. It is also the same card I used to purchase from the MISS A website.


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