5 Best Makeup Trends to Follow This Summer

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Summer and makeup have a love-hate relationship. Hard to maintain and sometimes difficult to make fun and bright, getting makeup and the heat of a sunny summer day to jive requires a little creativity. One of the most important parts about tailoring your makeup for summer is thinking about functionality. Another essential aspect is finding ways to lighten and brighten your look.

Fortunately, this year’s main makeup trends are reasonable and feasible. Check out these 5 best ever trends that are hot this year and that will pull your summer look into one eye-catching style.


1. Bright Liners

Dark or even toned eye liners are just too dramatic for summer. They look business like and formal. Summer, on the other hand, is all about pleasure. So try bright liners instead. Look for colors like:

• Teal
• Peach
• Lime
• Gold
• Silver
• Aquamarine
• Hot pink

Trace just a thin line of color on the very top of your bottom eye lid to create a subtle lightening and brightening effect. If you want something bolder for a special event or casual night time affair, use the liner all around your eyes and blend it into a glistening eye shadow.

This trend will help get rid of bags under eyes by distracting from them. It will also make your whole look feel carefree and summery.

2. No-Contouring 

All that time you spend applying foundation and then contouring your whole face? Forget about it for the summer. Neglecting contours is really trendy right now and it saves you tons of time and makeup maintenance.

Start by applying one of the best sunscreen for face. Be sure to use a sunscreen designed for use on the face so that it is not too oily and so that makeup can easily be applied overtop. Next, select a concealer that pairs well with your skin tone. Apply it and bring along blotting papers if you are going to be sweating. This technique will reduce your need for makeup touch ups and reapplications by eliminating contours and makeup that might run.

3. Thick and Dark Eyelashes

Without contouring, it is extra easy to draw attention to your beautiful eyes. Add in this trend and your eyes will pop in no time. This will create a simplified look that appears more natural and even a little messy. Summer and mess do go together, after all.

Simply apply thick, heavy mascaras, especially to the upper eye lashes. Some mascaras can even enhance the way that eye lashes curl or can make lashes appear longer than they are. You can also use fake lashes to help enhance your lashes if they are naturally very thin or short. No matter how you achieve this look, know that it is stunning and often quick to apply. This makes the makeup trend convenient and gorgeous.

4. Glossy Everything

If you look through recent fashion shows and stylish get-togethers like celebrity awards ceremonies, you will quickly notice that this year gloss is totally in. You can find glossy lips, eye shadow, nail polish and clothes. The shimmer of this look is eye catching and definitely comes off as casual, making summer automatically more fun.

Find a shimmery, glossy eye shadow or two that be lightly applied to your cheekbones for extra flair. Blend eye shadow so that it rises nearer to the brow and out from the corners of the eyes for more eye-catching power as well.

When selecting a lip gloss, choose a color that compliments your bright eye liner. This will pull together your overall look. Select gloss lipsticks or lip glosses themselves and then smooth over with a thin layer of Vaseline to keep your lip color and shimmer intact for hours, even in the sun.

5. Glittery Extras

In addition to the shimmer on your eye lids and lips, it is popular to add a little glittery extra around your eyes. A small dab or line below your eye is most popular. For instance, the glitter tears style is currently favourable. Creating a glittery sunset effect above the eye along with shiny, bright eye shadows is also popular.

Work that glitter in however you can to be in style. As a bonus, you’ll have less work to do making up the rest of your face because less is more when it comes to summer makeup.

Extra: Summer Hair Trends

Good news. Hair trends for this summer are also simple. Instead of being shiny, though, they are slick. Tight braids, tamed ponytails, and pool hair are all stylish ways to keep your hair sleek and trendy right now. All you need is a little mousse- or a day at the pool. Short hair is best styled shabby chic to give a slightly tousled appearance.


Author Bio:
Daisy Grace works as a content coordinator for Global Internet Magazine. She specializes in women’s health and also explores topics related to general health and beauty. Daisy loves studying the latest trends in cosmetics and skin care, but her experience extends further than that. She writes on all aspects of women’s health and beauty skin care and also various product reviews.

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  1. Great article :)



  2. i wanna go with the hick and Dark Eyelashes trend and wearfalse eyelashes but i feel like the falsies glues smells bad so natturn off ako hehe, any eyelash glue reco for me ? :)

    1. @shayne, I really like the eyelash glue from TheFaceShop. It's way better than the DUO glue.

  3. I've been into the bright eyeliner thing! Although I just use it on my lower lashes.
    And instead of contouring, I prefer bronzing :3 I don't know but I think it suits the season a bit more!

    Take care*

    1. @Diana, I very rarely do contour, but I love to highlight! hehe

  4. This was a fun article! The whole "glossing" trend is something I want to try.



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