Fall Makeup with Lorac Pro Garnet

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I know that I haven't done a makeup tutorial in a really long time (coz this kind of post takes me about 7 hours to edit!).  Luckily I had some free time a few days ago and I finally got the chance to play with my makeup again. Here's something that I created which is perfect for fall.  I got this idea when I was reading Shari's post a few weeks ago about how to make the Garnet shade from the Lorac Pro Palette stand out.

I experimented a bit and created two different eyeshadow looks using Lorac Pro Garnet shade.  I tried to balance out the shades, without making it overly dark. It's something that can be worn from day to night, you just have to pair it with an appropriate lip color.

I personally like the eyeshadow look I created on the right side of the photo, where I lined my lower lash line with Sable.  Anyway, here's how I created both looks. Please refer to the eye diagrams I created below.

For the first eyeshadow look,  I simply used an eye primer as base. I started applying eyeshadow first on the crease area using the shade Mauve, blending it upwards just above the crease. Then followed by Garnet, applying it all over my lids in a patting motion. I darkened the outer-V a little bit by mixing Espresso and Black shade. Then, I added a Nude shade in the inner corner to brighten up my eye. I applied the Garnet color on my lower lash line and topped the outer half of my lower lash line with Espresso for definition.  Lastly, I simply applied the Cream shade on my brow bone area to highlight it and make it look clean at the same time.

I lined my upper lash line with a brown gel liner then, topped it again with Garnet to make it look coppery. Then I finished it up with applying mascara. This would have looked better if only I used false eyelashes.

The second eyeshadow look I created is so much easier and faster to apply.  I applied an eye primer all over my lids, then followed by the NXY Jumbo pencil in Milk on the inner half of my lids and blended it with my fingers.  I then applied the Nude shade on the inner part of my lids, blending it towards the inner corner of my eye as well. Next, I applied the Cream color on my brow bone area.  I then started applying the Mauve color on my crease area blending it in an arc motion and bringing it up a bit. Next, I applied the Garnet shade all over my lids in a patting motion except for the inner corner. Then added a tiny bit of Sable on the outer lid but still topped it off with the Garnet color again blending it just above the crease area. Lastly, I applied Sable in my lower lash line connecting it with the outer corner of my eye.

I finished this eyeshadow look by lining my upper lash line with a black gel eyeliner and applying mascara on both my upper and lower lashes.

Here's the final look with my eyeshadows applied differently. I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown on my brows, The Balm Bahama Mama and The Balm Mary Lou Manizer to highlight and contour my face and completed the whole look with Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Enamor.  It would also help if you use women Bristle Makeup Brushes to complete your look.

I hope you girls find this helpful.

Until next time.


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  1. This tutorial is great for evening wear. I love it!

  2. I love that you showcased two options! I would totally rock the right one even on broad daylight. :)

  3. I love how you present your eye diagrams :o *applause*

  4. ohhh I love the look. I'm already craving the Lorac Unzipped palette, don't make me crave the Lorac pro as well :P (I'm kidding! )
    Take care*

  5. Aaaaahhh so pretty! I'm going to try both looks like right now haha

  6. Wahh Garnet! I've been obsessing about this color (because of Fall?) LOL. Lovely tutorial!

  7. UHM, I DIDN'T EVEN REALISE THERE WERE TWO DIFFERENT EYESHADOW LOOKS ON YOUR FACE LOL. But I seriously love both of them!! I never really use Garnet in my palette, because I'm always afraid of it making me look like I have an eye infection, hah. Definitely going to try and recreate the look in the first diagram!


  8. Heard so much raves about Lorac! And this combo looks great on you! <3


  9. hala parang i wanna buy tuloy Enamor -- looks very sultry and seductive on you! and like i said i really like the photos here sis, i could never make a decent eye shot with out making my looks look weird. plus the diagrams are very detailed ala too faced cosmetics packaging :)

  10. Make more with this pallete please

  11. I love the make up looks. Been considering getting a Lorac Pro Palette but I can't decide whether to buy 1 or 2.



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