Ziaja Phytoaktiv Face Toner Review

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Good Day ladies! I'm slacking on my blog posts again. I just had a very busy week, and I didn't have time to take product photos. To summarize everything that happened, my younger sister graduated from college with a BS Psychology degree and my little Enzo just graduated with honors from Kinder 2 (I'm a Proud Mama!). My sister-in-law and my husband just graduated from law school, Yay! on to the Bar Exams! My older brother and I just celebrated our Birthdays. So, there were a lot of food feast involved, thus explains my busy week. LOL

Okay, enough blabber from me on to the review.  Like some of you, I am still on the hunt for my HG (holy grail) Face Toner. After finishing up my Moringa O2 Facial Toner, I decided to try out the Ziaja Phytoaktiv Face Toner which I bought at Beauty Bar last December 2013. I was just randomly looking at products from Beauty Bar then this baby pink cap caught my eye. When I read what was written on the bottle, it said that it was for sensitive skin and it was alcohol free, so I immediately bought it. After finally finishing up the whole bottle, here is what I have to say.

Product Info from Ziaja
Delicate skin with dilated capillaries problem.

Thoroughly cleanses and tones the skin.
Helps to reduce capillary walls propensity to break.
Effectively soothes irritations and smooth out the skin.
Alcohol- free.

Key ingredients
provitamin B5 (d-panthenol)   

200 ml / 7.0 fl oz

Retail Price:
Php 250.00 at Beauty Bar

comes with a baby pink flip top cap

contains 200ml of product and it is made in EU 
the expiry date is also indicated

Strengthening treatment for skin with dilated capillaries

What I like about it...
* inexpensive at only Php 250 for 200 ml
* thoroughly cleanses, I can see traces of dirt on my cotton pad even after I use my facial wash
* literally feels like water with a mild scent
* it's alcohol free, so it doesn't sting at all
* does not feel dry after use, my skin feels fresh and well hydrated
* the 200ml bottle lasted for three and a half months, I use it twice a day
* no allergies or irritation experienced

What I don't like...
* I cannot vouch if this will work for those with dilated capillaries, because I don't have that kind of skin condition.

My rating: 4 / 5

Overall, it's an awesome alcohol-free facial toner considering the affordable price. I would highly recommend this to those with sensitive skin as this really feels like water.

Would I repurchase? Maybe, since I still want to try other alcohol-free toners available locally. But if I can't find anything else, I'd be repurchasing this for sure.

Until next time.


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  1. Good thing I don't have delicate skin. Looks like a nice-enough product to try. Thanks for the review.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  2. So do you think this passes for your HG toner then? Thanks for the review! :)

    1. @Anna, it almost did. But I'll still continue to look for another alcohol-free toner. I know i'll find an HG toner someday.

  3. Never heard anything about this product but it sounds so promising. Usually, products at that price point don't irritate, but don't necessarily do anything good for the skin either. I hope I can snatch a sample from Beauty Bar :) BTW, I suggest you try Shiseido's softeners. They are the best!

    1. @Tellie, thanks for the suggestion, will look into that, I hope I can afford it. LOL

  4. I don't know the brand, but this looks like a really nice toner!
    I've been hunting a nice exfoliating toner and a nice hydration toner...

    Take care*

    1. Ziaja is a skin care brand from Poland. ^_^

  5. wow it seems great thanks for the review the packaging is very cute looks alike something for babies :)


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  7. Looks an amazing product. Thanks for sharing it dear :-)

  8. Oh cool. I don't notice this at Beauty Bar. Would have bought one when I was looking for an alcohol-free toner. But right now I'm using a skin care line (which includes a toner) that helps get rid of pimples so might not try and venture with other products. But thanks for the review! :D

  9. thanks for the review, I've seen this in beauty bar but never really pay any attention but i will now! ^_~


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