Mary Kay Cheek Brush Review

11:51:00 AM

Last month, I received a couple of new products from Mary Kay and this cheek brush came with it. I actually did not know that Mary Kay carried makeup brushes. So, that was a pleasant surprise.

Product Info from Mary Kay
Domed natural bristles are ideal for sweeping color along cheekbones and applying to apples of cheeks.

    Customized to perfection
    High-quality bristles
    Comfortable to hold
    Fits nicely in hand

Retail Price: $14.00 in the US

Mary Kay products can be bought through Mary Kay Beauty Consultants
you can visit their website or call 859-MARY
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The Cheek Brush comes with the 5-pc Mary Kay Brush Collection which retails for Php 2,200. I am not sure if the brushes are sold individually here in Phils.

I really like the size and shape of the cheek brush, it is not too big nor too small. So, it helps with precise application. The ferule holds the bristles well as it does not shed when I cleaned it with my Mac Brush Cleanser. The handle looks and feels sturdy as well.

The Mary Kay Cheek Brush bristles are soft and made of natural hair. It blends powders really well. I am used to using synthetic bristled makeup brushes but this blends like a breeze. The bristles on the sides tend to be a bit flimsy so I use a brush guard to keep the shape in place.

What I like about it...
* can be used as a multipurpose brush
* blends powder products easily
* has soft bristles
* does not bleed after cleaning
* does not shed even after washing
* did not experience skin irritation
* has the perfect size for a face brush
* lightweight and comfortable to hold

What I don't like...
* not as soft compared to synthetic brushes
* some might find it a bit pricey
* the bristles tend to be flimsy so I have to use a brush guard to maintain the shape

My rating: 4 / 5

It can be used as an all over face brush. So, it is a good brush for beginners especially if it is just for personal use.

Until next time.


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  1. Haven't heard din of brushes from Mary Kay. Currently I'm using the one from Charm Brushes :)


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  3. My first brush *EVER* was from MK (back in 2007?). It was the retractable one for 800+ but I hardly ever used it because it seemed to scratch my face :( I wonder what their other brushes are like, must check them out! Thanks for the review :D


  4. Wow, that's expensive for a makeup brush. :D

  5. This sounds perfect as a cheek brush! I think cheek brushes should be a little bit flimsy so that you can blend the blush naturally


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