BYS Cosmetics Makeup 101 Event

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Cebu Beauty Bloggers recently got together for the BYS Cosmetics Makeup 101 Event held at Maya Mexican Restaurant. It was an event full of fun, makeup, and super yummy foodies. ^_^

BYS Cosmetics is the brainchild of leading Australian fashion accessories company, GFA. Season after season, GFA creates the next big thing in fashion accessories based on their interpretations of the latest trends and develops these collections for Australia’s large fashion brands. With years of experience in fashion, it was but natural for the company to spinoff an equally trendsetting and fashion forward makeup label. Thus, BYS was born in 2004.

Originally distributed in Australia only, BYS has expanded globally to the UK, France, Japan, and most recently, the Philippines. The brand complies with standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration, European Union and Japan, which has among the world’s strictest standards. As testament to its quality, Japan is one of the largest and fast-growing markets for BYS.

During the event, there was a makeup demo where we learned tips and tricks from their BYS Makeup Artist; like how to shape your brows the easy way with the use of white eyeliner and brow pencil. We also got to play with their products and had the chance to choose the type and shade of foundation we want to try.

We were provided with a loot bag full of products from BYS Cosmetics, so I am excited to play around with these. Will definitely post reviews and swatches soon.

(from left to right)

We also got the chance to hang out with the lovely and bubbly Shen of Shen's Addiction. She was the speaker for BYS Cosmetics during the event.

 (Cebu Beauty Bloggers with Shen)
Kristine of The Style Cebu
and yours truly

Don't forget to check out BYS Philippines on Facebook for more info.

Until next time.


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