Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in Brunette Review

3:30:00 PM

Most of you ladies know how important it is to define your brows, it generally frames your face and helps give you a polished look.

I have tried a lot of brow pencils already and I am quite impressed by the formulation of the Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in Brunette.

Product Info from Mary Kay
Groomed brows give the face a polished look and can make you look younger. Mary Kay® Brow Definer Pencils are perfect for filling in and defining brows, creating an instant eye-lift.
Creamy, waterproof formula
Applies smoothly.
Wooden pencil.

Application Tips
    Use short, feather-like strokes to define and fill in brows as needed.
    Keep the wood pencil sharp for dramatic brows or use a softer tip with feathering strokes for a more natural look. 

Retail Price: Php 505.00 through Mary Kay Direct Sellers
retails for $10.00 in the US

Available Shades: Blonde, Classic Blonde, Brunette
 Available Shades in the US: Blonde, Classic Blonde, Brunette, Soft Black, Soft Auburn

What I like about it...
* has a soft formula
* glides on smoothly without tugging my brows
* very easy to blend
* waterproof
* stays all day long

What I don't like...
* a bit pricey for a brow pencil
* they only offer limited shades here in Philippines.

My rating: 4 / 5

 Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in Brunette Swatch

 Before and After using Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil

I really love the formulation of this brow pencil. It is really easy to apply and it stays all day. My problem with this is that the shade Brunette is a little too dark for me, so I usually have to use my MAC Brow Set in Beguile to make it look lighter. I did try to apply this in feather strokes and I love how natural looking my brows were. I have tried using the shade Blonde but it looks too light and it has a tiny shimmer.

Would I recommend this brow pencil? Definitely!

Until next time.


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  1. nice brow pencil... but way too pricey =(
    i use one from careline and it is just 65PHP.
    but gives my brows the definition and lift it needs.

    it's creamy as well =)

    thanks for posting hollie =)

  2. I think so too. For that kind of result, you can find a cheaper dupe. Otherwise, I love Mary Kay's foundation powder. They are love.

  3. oh wow nice! :D too bad it's a little dark for your brows.
    I just use Nichido auto eyeliner (I use both for my eyes and brows) ^_^
    Thanks for the review dear!

  4. nice brow pencil - i need to start using one!

    US$10 is alright...i think can live with it, haha

  5. I never thought of using a brown brow pencil, but it works well!!

  6. This looks really good but I have to agree that it is quite pricey. I have used good ones too at half its price. Thanks for the review!

  7. I've always loved Mary Kay but their price just restrains me from buying some of their products like this one.It's just too pricey. :(

    P.S. I'm having an international giveaway.Hope you guys can join. :)

    Cj -

  8. Wow! It makes the eyebrows look fuller! Lovely <3

    Jamie Kate
    All Around Chekwa x Oasap May Giveaway. Join here!

  9. I think their products are way overpriced for a non-high-end brand. :( I love how it looks on you but I'm quite happy with my IN2IT pencil. hehe.


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