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Hey ladies, especially to my fellow Cebuanas.  I know that a lot of you have been asking me where you could possibly learn to put on makeup here in Cebu. Here's the answer you've been waiting for.

Noe is a fellow beauty blogger and Youtube beauty guru from Cebu. She's also a makeup artist and have a lot of experience working with different faces.  So, I am sure you are in good hands.

Repost from Noe's Blog:
The great thing about these classes are that they're catered to ladies who want to know how to apply makeup flawlessly and who are budget conscious. I don't blame people who do want to get value for their money given our current economic state. She devised 2 different classes; first is the Personal Basic Makeup Class and second, the "Get That Look" Makeup Class.

The Personal Basic Makeup Class will teach the student/s how to apply personal makeup from foundation to lipstick. She will also be diving into technicalities such as different brush uses, how to pick the right foundation and powder, how to shape and fill-in brows, and proper concealing and contouring. The class is more intensive which will run for a good 3 hours.

The "Get That Look" Makeup class is inspired by email requests she got from viewers who want to have a "live" makeup tutorial from her. This is a great class for those who have a little background with makeup and who want to perfect a certain look. The student/s will submit a photo of a look they wish to perfect and the whole class will be centered on how to achieve the look from foundation to lips. The class will run for 2 hours.

All the students of each classes will be asked to bring their own Brush Set and Foundation. Everything else will be provided by Noe and the Studio. There's a limit of 4 persons and a minimum of 2 per class. Upon special requests, one-on-one classes can be arranged. The class is exclusively held at Dolled Up Makeup Studio and Supply.

Here's the MAP going to the Makeup Studio.

You can check out Noe's Youtube Channel HERE and her blog HERE.

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