Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Eye Shadow Swatches

2:40:00 PM

Finally had time to swatch and test out the baked eye shadows from Black Radiance. They're not really that popular but I was just curious about their quality and pigmentation.

Product Info from Black Radiance
Marbleizes 3 different pure pigment pearls on terracotta disk for dimensional, luminous color. Formulated
for either wet or dry application, the highly pigmented formula blends easily and accentuates eyes with
sheer to dramatic color intensity. 

Retail Price: $ 3.99 each

These Black Radiance Baked Eye Shadows are really pigmented and they stay on well even without an eye primer. It might crease on oily lids, but will definitely last long on normal skin. So far, no allergies experienced with these eye shadows.

I bought these online since they're not available locally here in Philippines. Based on their website it now has a slightly different packaging since the print changed to just showing "BR" in the cover. It is available in five shades, Violet Gaze, Pink Parfait, Blue Icing, Mint Julep and Rum Spice.

(left) Silver Frosting, (center) Mint Julep, (right) Rum Spice
Photo was taken under natural lighting, no flash
swatch was also taken dry without an eye primer

Black Radiance Baked Eye Color in Mint Julep

Black Radiance Baked Eye Color in Silver Frosting

Black Radiance Baked Eye Color in Rum Spice

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  1. it looks so prettY! it reminds me of Milani's baked blush...I'm loving the Rum spice...

  2. Adorable!!! I'm totally in love with these shades!!!Thank you for such great post!

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  3. lovely colors! :)

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  4. they are wonderful

  5. Those looks so pretty! ^_^

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