A1 Concert Experience

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I haven't posted anything much lately and I've got several reviews and swatches pending. (sigh) I apologize for not posting as much, I've been terribly busy. December is coming and I'll be even more busy since I'm already fully booked for makeup gigs. In addition to that, new projects for my new position as an IT Analyst just keeps on coming. Sorry for blabbing too much , LOL! I guess that is what blogs are for. ^_^

Anyway I won't keep you waiting, Enjoy the photos!

My MUA besties Raine and Khymm with South Border

My MUA Besties Raine and Khymm, Me, Lalaine with A1 (Christian, Mark, & Ben)

A1 and South Border
South Border was the front Act during the concert, it was such a surprise because I didn't know about it till the concert started, the crowed was just screaming in excitement when they started to play all their popular songs like "Kahit Kailan" and more.

 Raine putting makeup on Mark at his hotel room

Me with Mark
Mark was so friendly and accommodating. We can throw jokes at him and he'd joke back. He asked us to teach him a few Cebuano words and easily got it. This laid back and down to earth guy is just adorable. ^_^ 

 Me putting makeup on Christian

Me with Christian
Christian was a bit timid and a little bit strict compared to Mark but definitely approachable. I was nervous when they told me that I'd be handling his makeup, good thing I did it right, thanks to my bestie Raine for the help and tips. She applied the makeup for all three of them a day before the concert for the Meet and Greet event at Ayala Center Cebu, so she already knew what they need and want for their looks.

Me with Khymm of Miss Shopcoholic at the concert, VIP Seats!
Khymm was the one who applied makeup on Ben, unfortunately we didn't have a chance to take a photo because Ben, only let in one makeup artist in his hotel room since his Girlfriend Sara was there also getting ready for the concert.




It was an unforgettable experience and a lot of firsts for me. First time meeting an International Celebrity in person, First time meeting a local band, First time at a Concert, and First time working with foreigners.

We bought new products specifically for A1 since Young Life foundation gave us a budget for makeup.

Products used as follows:
Mac Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation in NC40
Mac Fix Plus Setting Spray
Mac Select Cover Up Concealer in NW25
Mac Powder Blush in Harmony
Ben Nye Concealer Wheel
Ben Nye Neutral Set Loose Powder
Physicians Formula Bronze Booster

Thank you girls Raine and Khymm for this wonderful opportunity. And Lalaine of Hair Couture Salon for this once in a lifetime chance. ^_^

Until next time.


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  1. You are so lucky! Wow!


  2. My friend went to their concert too and had a great time. I like that this post was about male makeup :) It's a rare thing to see, but their skin looked nice in the pictures! Great job Hollie!


  3. thanks for sharing! this definitely is an unforgettable experience~ ^_~

  4. Wah! So inggit! Super, super mega inggit! xD

  5. I love A1! I love their songs and they're so gwapo pa rin haha!

  6. You guys look like you had so much fun! I'm so proud of you guys and the A1 guys look so nice. Congratulations love!

  7. i met lalaine in her salon (thanks to you for the direction Ü)....she's pretty and very accomodating ÜÜÜ

    ÜÜÜ stay happy ÜÜÜ


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