Mini Etude House Haul

7:06:00 AM

I bought a few things from the Etude House shop last month, during their sale. A lot of the items were on sale at 50% off so I simply couldn't resist. LOL

Stuff I bought were the...

66 Big Eye Vitacara Mascara
Petit Bijou Sunny Citrus Deodorant Spray
Oh m'Eye Lash Petticoat (mascara primer)
Aqua Cure Facial Mist Chamomile water

There were a lot of the eyeshadow palettes, blush, etc. on sale but I didn't get any since I already have a lot of makeup in my stash, I just wanted to pick those that seemed interesting and new to me. BTW, the Oh m'Eye Lash Petticoat was not included in the sale but I just had to buy a backup for myself since I've been using it quite a lot these days.

What about you ladies, what's your most recent Etude House fix?
By the way, if there is no Etude House in your area, you can find them at

Until next time.


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  1. Please do a review on their mascara primer. I was eyeing on that yesterday but opted not to buy it yet 'coz I wasn't so sure how well it'll work on me

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  2. ohhh i've never used etude house products before but i saw a whole bunch of them last time i was in taiwan!! can't wait to see what you say about them so i'll know which one to pick up next time i visit home :)!

  3. great hauls! I went to the mall last week and saw that they were having sale but opted not to go inside..Because I know I would ALWAYS pick out things that I don't need..keke..^_~

  4. cute haul!!! can't wait for the reviews!! <3

  5. Pretty haul
    will wait for your more reviews

  6. ERMAHGERD! That mascara is on sale? O__O The sale is on EH boutique in Ayala, right?

    I'll be waiting for the reviews! :)



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