Tasty Thursdays: Tuna Sandwich with a twist

2:52:00 PM

I won't make this long. This is just your ordinary tuna sandwich. The only difference is that I used Baguette instead of your usual whole wheat sliced bread and added more stuff in to it. LOL

Ingredients as follows...
* Baguette / French Bread
* Riped Mango
* Romaine Lettuce
* Mayonnaise (I used Best Foods Mayo)
* Corned Tuna (I used San Marino Corned Tuna)
* Tomatoes (I prefer medium sized tomatoes which are still green)

Making this is easy as a breeze.

You only need to slice the Baguette to your desired size and toast it in a pan for bit.
Put in a little amount (about 1 tbsp) of mayo on both sides of the Baguette
Place the rest of the ingredients inside the bun.
Lay your lettuce first, followed by tomato slices, then the corned tuna.
Finally, add at least 2-3 thin slices of mangoes to give that sweet taste.

voila you're done!

Until next time.


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  1. ohhhhhh yummy~ I want to make one right now!! :)

  2. This made my mouth water...



  3. This looks so good... it made me hungry. Booo... Haha! Now I have to make one like this soon! Thanks for the recipe! :D

  4. Adding the mango was an interesting idea. I should try that one day! ^^


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