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I haven't done a tag in while because I keep forgetting which bloggers tagged me...LOL!  So, for those who tagged me in the past and didn't do a post about it, I sincerely apologize. I wanna give you all a virtual hug. ^_^

Thank you to Anne of Color My World for tagging me. I just remembered how fun it is to do tags once in a while here on my blog, since this is one of the ways my readers can get to know me better.

So on to the tag,
When and Why did you start blogging?

I initially started blogging way back 2006 but only had a few posts because I had no clue what to talk about, so I stopped blogging. Then life happened. After a couple of years I suddenly remembered I still had a blogger account and checked it out, it was still active, that was 2010.  

My girl friends (whom I met in 2005, first job) kept asking me the same questions over and over about how to do their makeup. They used to line up on my desk every morning asking me to do their makeup, it was crazy and fun in the office before we all started working. We still kept in touch after I left the company in 2006. They missed our makeup sessions, thus they started asking me how-to's, what products I use, etc. My friends basically wanted me to teach them basic makeup. This is how I found my niche and thought that I should just blog about it so that they can really see what I do in photos.

What do you love to blog about and why do you like it?

I love to blog about Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Care and almost anything that's related to Beauty. Khymm of Shopcoholic for Makeup was the first beauty blog I ever read back in early 2010. Then I found out that she was a fellow Cebuana. As I was reading all her posts, I learned a lot of new things about makeup products. She was the one who inspired me to become a beauty blogger.

I love to blog about makeup because it keeps me excited, it simply became a hobby.  In addition to that, I became a freelance makeup artist because of beauty blogging. I got to meet a lot of new friends in the beauty blogging community. One of which is Khymm of Shopcoholic and  another one is Raine of Lil ole Moi who was a beauty blogger as well but decided to stop blogging early this year. They became my closest friends and we still hang out from time to time.

How did you get your blog name?

I first named my blog "Faces and Such" but as I went on with more posts, I realized that I love to blog about Random things related to Beauty. That was when I decided to change my blog name to "Random Beauty". I added the "by Hollie" part of the blog name just so my readers could remember me by my name.

What do you think is your best post yet?

Hmmm, I honestly have no clue, lol.  But based on my popular posts to date, it would be the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Swatches. If I have to choose one, it would be the Valentine's Day Look Part one. It's not because of the look I created but because of how I made the Eye Diagram. That post received a lot of positive feedback from my readers. 

What is your inspiration for blogging at present?

I draw inspiration from my readers especially if they request me to do a review on a specific product or create a look that they want to see. Another thing is, I'm actually earning a few bucks on this blog through banner ads or referrals, which I never expected from the beginning. So, that's another thing that keeps me motivated to continue blogging.  Lastly, since I almost always get excited about new beauty products, I have this blog to share them with.

Message for your readers:

My beauty blog has been here for almost 2 years now and I'm truly grateful for your continued support.  I don't know how else I can express my sincerest gratitude, but "Thank You".  It puts a smile on my face when someone talks about my blog whether it be in person or through any other social media. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when someone appreciates all the work I invested in this blog. Again, a big thanks to all of you... Virtual Hugs to everyone ^_^

It's your turn to get bitten...hehe

Thiamere of On Beauty Stuff and What Else's
Charles of Wickermoss
Emafe of PinkieRiceGurl
Dawn and Liz of Peachy Pink Sisters
Amz of Amz Blog
Jannah of Life is Beautiful
Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals
Maryam of Maryam Maquillage
Diane of My Kiss 'n Make-up
Niki of Hello Miss Niki
Sara of Sara Hassan's Blog
Julie of Pop Champagne

Hope to see your posts soon.

Until next time.


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  1. wow! angatal mo na pala nagbblog sis! congrats on being able to maintain your little hub in the web... more great looks to come! ;)


    1. the years went by so quickly talaga.

  2. thanks for doing this tag! :)
    anyhoo, gusto ko rin imonetize yung blog ko.. but medyo bago pa lang... :) hope i could get tips from you if the time comes...

    1. I was an online marketing specialist before kasi, kayo medyo alam ko na kung paano...hehe

  3. Thanks for the tag, Hollie! Oh my... Just looking at the questions made me reminisce of the time I just started blogging! Can't wait to answer this!

    1. I'll definitely be waiting for your post sis... hehe

  4. haha ang fun naman ng officemates mo before, eager to learn more about makeup :)

    1. o nga sis, that was the year I got interested in makeup. and made my office mates the guinea pigs. LOL

  5. thank you so much Ms April for tagging me *happy* ♥

  6. i also answered the same first sentence u said on the question "What do you think is your best post yet?" :))


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