Guest Post: How to Conquer Acne and Pimples

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How to Conquer Acne and Pimples
by Audrey Roberts, author of ‘Clear Skin Magic

Conquer your pimple and acne problems by trying these long-term and effective acne-fighting practices.

Make changes in your lifestyle and in your diet. Lack of sleep, stress, smoking, drinking alcohol, and predilection to heavily processed foods like junk food all result in an unhealthy body and bad skin. Have you noticed that the skins of vegetarians have a particular “glow” about them? Sugary foods and heavily processed foods have negative effects on skin resilience and elasticity. Unhealthy skin is much more prone to skin breakouts, so you may want to go easy on junk foods. One of the best and cheapest skin care tips is to drink plenty of water. Water keeps your skin lubricated, thus keeping it clear.

Use skin care products that are tailored for your skin type. The best thing to do is to consult a dermatologist on how best to care for the type of skin that you have then to go from there. If you have sensitive skin, then you may want to steer clear of harsh facial care products. Excessive use and misuse of skin care products and cosmetics can lead to breakouts. Non-comedogenic products are also highly recommended because they do not clog pores. Clogged pores usually result in skin breakouts.

Avoid touching your face. This unconscious habit of touching the face and rubbing it does more harm than you think. You unknowingly transfer dirt on your hands to your face, resulting in skin breakouts.

Do not sleep with your makeup on. Cosmetics contain colorants, additives, and potential skin irritants. As you sleep, your skin rejuvenates itself. If you have your makeup on while you sleep, then you impede that natural process. You also make it easy for acne and pimples to form. In addition, sleeping with your mascara on can lead to eye infections. If you are too tired each night to clean your face before going to bed, then invest in a high-quality hypoallergenic makeup remover that you can simply tissue off after a few minutes.
Audrey Roberts is the author of Clear Skin Magic. To know more about keeping your skin healthy and free from acne and pimples, visit To check out Audrey Robert’s book, head on over to

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  1. Wonderful tips. I follow your advice. And bookmark your site to be updated.

  2. Great article thanks. You are correct, our skin is the largest
    organ in our body. Besides helping our body in the process of
    toxic elimination (One of the main contributing factors causing pimples), it also protects our body against
    temperature changes, and from harmful invaders.
    As you implied, by working with our skin and not against is how to
    prevent pimples
    an enhanced healing for clear skin. Our skin
    will look and feel better; it will become more even toned and


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