REVIEW: Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream

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I'm not one whose usually bothered by my arm or leg hair, so I've never tried shaving it off.  I've read about this product from a couple of blogs last year, so it got me curious if the stuff really does work.  So, I started stopping by HBC branches here in Cebu just to look for the Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream. Unfortunately, it is always out of stock. So that would probably mean it's a good product, is it?

Product Info from HBC
The Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream with Shea Butter and Olive is formulated for legs, arms and underarms. It is not suitable for the face, breast, perineal or genital areas.
Removes unwanted hair on arms, legs and body
With Shea butter to soothe, moisturize and protect skin
With Olive Oil that leaves skin soft and silkly smooth to touch
Quick-acting and painless
Convenient and easy to use

Retail Price: Php 105.00

Directions for use:

What I like about it...
* inexpensive
* painless especially for my first time removing leg hair
* convenient and handy
* very easy to use, you just have to apply, wait, & wash
* it comes with a spatula, so you won't have messy hands
* leaves my skin soft and smooth after use
* product of the Philippines and it's made with natural ingredients

What I don't like...
* only 50g a tube, though it's only Php105 pesos (a little over $2.00) so it's still doable
* hair grows back after a week
* has a weird scent but definitely tolerable

My Rating: 4 / 5

For my first time removing leg hair, this is definitely a very pleasant experience.  I've never tried waxing though simply because I'm scared as to how painful it can be. LOL!

If you are looking for an easy, quick and painless way to remove body hair, this product is definitely for you.  I also love the fact that the company placed the manufacturing and expiration date on the tube. 

You can also check out Thiamere's review and see before and after pictures.
Please do share your experiences with regards to removing body hair especially about products that you love to use for this purpose.

Until next time.


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  1. ohh this sounds promising.. i only tried veet before

  2. wow!
    u found it?
    hirap hanapin nito!

    but im glad that your first time gave u a pleasant experience.
    now its time to get the big guns out!

  3. omg, would love to try this one soon! :D

  4. I got some hair removal cream at home I still gotta try, this def tempts me to try it out!

  5. i use cream remover like veet. but i'd like to try this out :D


  6. Does this work for all types of hair?



    1. Yes, either thin or thick hair... If your leg hair is a bit thick, you'd just need to leave the cream a little bit longer.

  7. I've always used Veet as hair removal cream. I'm happy with the outcome BUT its too expensive, especially when I have to use it every week. Will snag one of these next time I drop by HBC :)


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