REVIEW: Charm Pro Stippling Brush

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I've always been curious about the quality of Charm brushes from Beauty & Minerals ever since I read about them from various beauty blogs. Now that I finally got my hands on a few of their brushes, I've been using it since then. It's really surprising to have found such high quality makeup brushes from a local brand here in Philippines. So, here's my two cents about the Charm Pro Stippling Brush.

Product Info from Beauty&Minerals
The Charm Pro Stippling Brush comes with their Charm PRO Makeup Brush line. Professional makeup brushes for makeup artist, for the ultimate makeup lover.

This particular brush comes with their 21 pc. Professional brush set which retails for Php 3,450.00

What I like about it...
* reasonably priced
* the size of the handle is perfect
* really fine dual fiber brush
* doesn't shed, no matter how many times you wash it, seriously!
* very soft, I compared it with my elf stippling brush but this is way softer.
* less streaky, when compared to the elf stippling brush
* blends out cream blushes easily

What I don't like...
* none :)

My rating: 4 / 5

compared to the elf studio stippling brush

I'm really impressed with this Stippling Brush, it does the job. So, I don't need to look for the expensive MAC or Sigma Stippling brush anymore. I already said goodbye to my ELF Studio Stippling Brush. LOL! Would I recommend it? Definitely :D

Don't forget to check out Charm Makeup Brushes at Beauty & Minerals.

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  1. Are these only available in the Phillipinnes? I have never heard of this brand before.

  2. @Nancy, They have an online shop and they ship out Internationally. :) Please check out their wesite

  3. Nice stippling brush! :D Charm's definitely good with their brushes. :)

  4. This looks a lot like the In Your Face duo fiber kabuki brush. Have you used IYF before? How does it compare with the Charm Stippling Brush?


  5. I got my first stippling brush from Beauty and Minerals waaaaay back. They're really soft and dense for a stippling brush but it bleeds badly and sheds once in a while.

    I'm interested in this, Hollie! Thanks for sharing. However, I saw the Pro V3 on Sophie's website yesterday and I think I'll be torn between that or this one! :D

  6. charm brush is love! palit tyo pink ung skin eh haha! :P

  7. This is my dream talaga, to have a expensive brush ma experience lang :P. I'll ask nga my partner to buy me this for x'mas. Thanks sa review sis. inggit!

  8. Ooh, the brush looks so soft and lush :)

  9. big hooray to cheap awesome brushes! thanks hollie :)

  10. love this review ;) i use a stippling brush too :D i have etude ^^

  11. nice review! i've never heard of this brand before! i like to use stipping brushes for my blush or bronzer if i use it for my foundation its super streaky :S

  12. thanks for doing this review! now I know where to buy a stippling brush!

  13. Thank you ladies! don't forget to visit Beauty & Minerals. :D

  14. great review sis! :) this looks like a neat brush. :D


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