Weekend Random Haul

5:35:00 PM

hey girlfies, just wanted to show this mini haul which I bought over the weekend. It's really just random stuff I picked here and there while hubby and I went mall hopping. LOL!

These are the stuff I got from Watson's
L'oreal Smooth Intense Caring Conditioner
Kleenex Cotton Roll 
(they ran out of my favorite cotton pads)
Lecit-E Capsules
BBW lotion version in Black Raspberry Vanilla 
(got it from a boutique at Ayala Center Cebu)

Stuff from HBC SM Cebu Branch
Allue Blush Gel in Cherry Bloom
San-San Nail Polish in Amethyst
San-San False Eyelashes (natural)

Art Materials I bought from National Bookstore
Since I'm a newbie on nail art, I though that these would be an inexpensive way to do it. I've been thinking of buying nail art kits but I changed my mind and want to try out the primitive way. LOL! I used tried using these yesterday for my first nail art attempt and it seems to have worked, I think. The really small and pointy brushes really helped, I just treated like I was doing a painting.

Here's how it came out!
is it a PASS or FAIL?

No need to fret, I do think this is a fail, oh well there's always next time.

This is it for now.


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  1. Tha nail art isn't as bad as you made it out to be! It's actually pretty smart to use materials from National Bookstore! :-)

  2. It's a pass sis=) I tried the L'oreal Smooth Intense Caring Conditioner and it's quite good.

  3. what's that allue blush gel? i thot it's a mouse pad eh:))

  4. @Michelle, hahaha thanks sis! I'll try another nail art next time and hope to make it prettier..hehe

    @Pammy, LOL we're friends talaga...hehe

    @Emafe, thanks sis. and yeah I have to agree with you about that loreal conditioner, it really works!

    @wickeRmoss, LOL! hahaha now that you mention it, it kinda does!

  5. I love the nails! I wish I had longer nails so I could do some sort of design but for now they are chipped and peeling =(

  6. the nail art is really pretty! looks professionally done, and nice little haul you made :D

  7. i thnk the nail art is cute. would be a lot better than what i can do thats for sure haha. that jelly blush looks cool ive never seen that before. you should do a post about it :)

  8. pass! sis let me know if the sansan falsies are ok? :)

  9. i love your haul!
    the nail art is a PASS :)

  10. @Kelly, thank you really appreciate it. I like my nails short, they look neat that way. aww too bad they're chipped, don't worry they grow back fast anyway...hehe

    @Pop, aaaww thanks dear, I never though somebody would like my first ever nail art attemp... hahaha

    @Donna, hahaha I suck at this nail art stuff too that's why I need to practice it. LOL! I thought that blush gel was interesting too, that's why I bought it...hehe

    @laura, thanks for visiting.

    @sugar sugar, haha thanks. Sure sis, will let you know once I've tried it out.

    @Janel, thanks dear. btw, I haven't seen you in a while, it's nice to hear from you.

  11. nice haul! your nail art is really cute^^ can you do a review on the San-san false eyelashes? i have a few from HBC too and i love them!

  12. Your nail art is definitely a pass. And yes, those brushes in National Bookstore can actually be used for nail art, specially the very thin ones. :) You can also purchase acrylic paints. That would make it easier for you to learn nail painting. The paint can be easily removed by water. :)

    Good luck on your nail art adventures!

  13. @Locke, thanks dear. sure I will make a review on that soon.

    @rins, awww thanks for that. cool! thanks for tips and oh btw, I love your blog!


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