Nail Polish Haul from Klik

6:13:00 PM

I have been looking for the Caronia Sweet Bliss Collection here in Cebu for some time now, but I just couldn't get my hands on any.  So, I got tired of waiting and found these beautiful nail polishes from Klik instead. I'm just glad to have found them, they're only Php 14.50 each at Metro Ayala Center Cebu.

These nail polishes are very sheer and I had to apply three coats for the colors to really show. But it's pretty much what I expected from a cheap nail polish, so I can't complain.  The last one on the right "Glow" is retailed at Php 19.50 it's the only one with a different price because it actually a "Glow in the Dark" nail polish! How cool is that!

 Here are the swatches

The Glow in the dark polish is on my thumb, I tried turning off the lights in my room to test if my thumb would really glow, and guess what, it did! I just don't know how to take a photo of it. LOL!

This is it for now.


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  1. Oh my I wanna try that glow-in-the-dark one! Hahaha cooooool! :D

  2. aww sayang walang sample ng glow in the dark :)) infairness ang cute ng colors! :D saw this from mitch's haul before :)

  3. nice! sana makakita din ako niyan dito! *inggit mode. :D

  4. Hey Hollie! Those colors are really nicee! so summery!:D The glow in the dark made me curious, wonder how it looked.:))

    Anyways, I just wanna tell you that I tagged you and gave you an award! Check this post to see!<3

  5. awww these are just as pretty as the caronia ones hollie! :) i want the glow in the dark one too! LOL! :p

  6. @Aya, oo nga so cool talaga, promise I'll take a photo.

    @Hazel, yeps saw her posts about this klik polishes too. will really try to take a photo of glow in the dark. I'm still thinking how i'm going to that.

    @Ar-Ar, I think this is only available at Metro Department stores, I'm not entirely sure though.

    @Elaine, I know right! so cool..hehe

    @Tiffiefum, thanks sis! I appreciate it!

    @sugar sugar, Glad that you like the colors too! I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I wil really try to take a photo of the Glow in the Dark nail polish..hehe

  7. I like the green & yellow, they are really summery! and of course glow in the dark is awesome :D

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  9. kakatuwa naman yang glow in the dark na yan... sana meorn sa hortaleza. Where did you buy this?


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