Dinner with Hubby at Pizza Hut

4:23:00 PM

My hubby and I went to SM City Cebu last week and had dinner at Pizza Hut Northwing.  It's been a while since I last ate at Pizza Hut, so we ended up going there after buying groceries.

I think this is their Garden Pizza, I'm not entirely sure though.

Tuna Melt
The Tomato with Herbs at the center is just Delish!

Mushroom Soup
Super Creamy, love it!

Shirley Temple
It tastes like Strawberry Soda. But it looks really pretty.

I had Gelatissimo's Biscotino and Pistachio for Dessert!

This is it for now.


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  1. I'm hungry. Haha! I want that mushroom soup. :P

  2. Oh wow, wrong timing for me to read this, when I currently have a giant pizza craving that I'm trying not to cave into. :))

    I love their mushroom soup too haha!

  3. Sarap naman! :) gusto ko n tuloy mg dinner. Haha

  4. gelato is my favorite dessert! i want to eat at pizza hut now too. =D

  5. @Pammy, hahaha I want it too...

    @Dee, LOL! give up ka nalang!

    @Aya, yummy talaga...hehe

    @MissKatv, mag dinner ka na! go go go!

    @Sugar Sugar, me too I can't have enough gelato!

    @geishcharles, hahaha thanks sis!

  6. I haven't been in Pizza Hut for years! mmmmm all of the food looks so good!!!! T.T That strawberry soda is epic!

  7. yum yum! seriously, i'm going home and having a shirley temple!

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  8. the next time we'll visit pizza hut, im gonna try that bread with tuna bread!

  9. i luv pizza hut, i luv their pizza that has cheese filling inside the crust, i dont know if they have those kind in the Philippines....and that Shirley temple looks delicious~~~

    btw im holding a giveaway, come and check it out, and try your luck , you might be the lucky winner


  10. Wow!!! The food looks all delish!! Now I'm hungry...:)

  11. Hollie, it's been awhile since I had Pizza Hut and they do make really good pizza. The tuna melt looks really yummy and cheesy :)

  12. love the photos hollie! especially the shirley temple! so cute!

  13. @Amy, hehehe thanks, you should give pizza hut a visit one of these days.

    @Oh to be a Muse, thanks for the invite, I appreciate it.

    @Reina, yeah, give the tuna melt a try and remember to put the tomato herbs on every bite!

    @Jessy, Yes, we do have the cheese filled crusts available here in Phils. and it's just yummy! thanks for inviting me to your giveaway.

    @ayieh, thanks sis! Me, I'm always hungry! lol

    @Hazel, Thanks sis! so true, that shirley temple is just so pretty.

  14. @Everyday Makeup blog, so true, I really do love their Pizza, I'm not sure though if that tuna melt is available in the US.

  15. yummy! i want to eat dinner na :D

  16. the tuna melt and mushroom soup looked so delicious! I'm not a fan of pan pizza though, I prefer thin crust. ;)

  17. @The Beauty-Addict, hahaha... I really wasn't craving pizza at the time but I missed going to pizza hut.

    @Charry, they're both really yummy, I agree with you though, I prefer thin crust pizza too!


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