Awesome Find: Retractable Kabuki Brush

3:40:00 PM

I just have to show you this Retractable Kabuki Brush I found at Metro Ayala Cebu, a couple of months ago. I'm really loving this brush and have been carrying it with me every day.

I've tried so many different retractable brushes in the past, but this is just amazing. It's so soft and fluffy and it's perfectly dense making it really easy to use for my powder blushers and my pressed powder.

The one thing that I also love about this is that it's so inexpensive, it's only Php 150.00 and so worth it! I originally intended to buy the Marionnaud retractable brush which cost Php 299.00 at Watsons, I'm just glad that I dropped by the Metro beauty section first and found this for half the price!

I'm not sure where else to find this but I think this available in Metro Stores nationwide.

This is it for now.


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  1. Rar. You guys get the best deals over there! LOL

  2. What a great inexpensive find! If it does the job, the price is just an added bonus. :)

  3. wwaa. i hope this is still available!

  4. I need another kabuki brush again..hehe..collect and collect..:)

  5. medyo scratchy man ang marionnaud na retractable brush sis. naa pa daghan ani? =)

  6. wow 150? :o great find hollie! :D

  7. nice! and it doesn't look inexpensive :D

  8. great find hollie! it looks fluffy. :) yay! but i don't think i can find that here. :/

  9. @Michelle, you could say that but you guys always have access the popular and branded stuffs.

    @Pammy, so true sis!

    @littlebratontheloose, Yes I recently saw it near the nail polish section of Metro ayala cosmetics dept. But only the gold colors are left the black ones are sold out.

    @makeuphaulsandanythingunderthesun, hehe thanks for visiting.

    @Shopcoholic, really sis? glad I didn't get that. It's not good pala. Thanks for letting me know. Yes sis, this is still available at Metro Ayala near the nail polish rack.

    @The Beauty-Addict, Thanks sis, and yes it's only 150.. so happy with it talaga.

    @Locke, Yeah I agree with you, it doesn't look cheap at all.

    @Sugar Sugar, thank sis. I think you can find this at Metro Metro.

  10. OMG I need to find this retractable Kabuki Brush! Thanks for this post Holie!

  11. Sana meron din nyan dito or hindi ako mahirapan hanapin! :(

  12. @AsianBeautyx89 You're welcome sis.

    @Ar-Ar, sana nga mahanap mo.

  13. oh yeah it's cheaper nga compared to Marionnaud's!! great buy :)

  14. Love kabuki brushes especially if they're retractable I love that!! Its always so hard to travel with regular kabuki brushes because you're afraid to smoosh it or break the hairs in travel!!

  15. Wow so affordable and seems so worth it dear! Great find!:)

  16. I bought a brush like this at Metro Ayala in Market! Market! but it's gold. :) I agree to every single thing you said about this brush. :)

  17. Hahaha! I'm about to have a review about this brush too! I've also bought mine in Landmark makati. It's sooooo soft and nice for application.:D


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