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As some of you might have noticed, I haven't done any posts about nail polishes yet. The reason to that is simply, I suck at it!

I seldom paint my nails because I just feel like my hands and toes look cleaner without them.  My fingers only get painted when I go to the spa, which happens once or twice a month or when I just feel like it.  Lately, I noticed that my younger sister (1st year psychology student) has been really addicted to nail polishes and nail art, so I just kind of got into it as well. (pretty lame right...hehe)

From Left to Right (Branded)
TheFaceShop - Mint Green shade (code to follow)
Maybelline Salon Expert - redish brown shade (code to follow)
Elf Nail Polish in Royal Purple
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Nail Color in Mytery
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Nail Color in Scary

From Left to Right (Local)
Chic Classics in Ash
Caress Nail Polish in Brown Fox
Bobbie Holoprism Nail Polish in Mudslide
 Bobbie Holoprism Nail Polish in Purple Passion
Bobbie Nail Hardener

I bought Bobbie Nail Polishes because of Thiamere when she posted a Bobbie nail polish haul. The shades were really very pretty.  I bought the Chic nail polish because the "Ash" shade is my favorite nail color (it's my second bottle). I've been looking for a similar color from a different brand, but I still can't find one. Would really be happy if you could suggest one.

You can check out Bobbie nail polish swatches on Thiamere's blog HERE, she's really great when it comes to nail art.  By the way, I bought the Wet n Wild and Maybelline nail polishes online. Let me know if you're interested (Pinay Readers), I can sell them at an affordable price.

This is it for now.

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  1. @Aya, it's what I'm wearing now. I love it too.

  2. Where'd you find an e.l.f. polish?? :o I haven't seen them here! LOL

  3. the bobbie ones are so affordable yet the shades are really nice :) nice haul! btw, i changed links already :)

  4. @Michelle, just found that Elf nail polish here in Cebu at Robinsons Cybergate, it was on a small stall that sells just about anything beauty related. But there were only 2 shades, royal blue and royal purple. it was only 95 pesos.

    @Hazel, yes I'm really happy with the Bobbie Nail polish, they don't chip easily too. will check your new link.

  5. thanks for the link,sweetie. sorry i wasn't able to get back at you asap for i have been so busy recently.

    i have actually heard from someone that those shades can actually be available in big bottles too. it's just that in the place where i buy bobbie polishes she only gets the smaller ones for people most often buys the small ones.

    i heard that the maybelline polishes are streaky,is it true?
    i hope not..i have seen a couple of 'em in ebay e.

  6. i love the TFS Mint Green shade! how much? :D

  7. @Thiamere, Yes, I saw big bottles for the Bobbie polishes. but I always go for the smaller ones. As for the maybelline polishes, the shade I got isn't streaky and also the swatch above is only one coat - so it has good color payoff. Maybe the lighter shades are streaky, I got my maybelline polish off ebay.

    @Beauty-Addict, I really like that shade too, it's only Php 95.00 pesos.

  8. Cool haul! I like the ELF polish! :) I don't own any yet, and I'm also on the hunt for the ELF Matte Finisher :)

  9. @Elaine, good luck in finding elf polishes here. But I saw an elf reseller at she has several nail polish shades available. you might want to check it out.

  10. aww thanks hollie for the nice comment i love your blog also. :) and yes it does look like orly moonlit madness. will have to go through the rest of your blog posts and find me some more beauty finds!!:D

  11. My fave is elf! :) i have that shade :)
    By the way is bobbie nail hardener really works? Or does it stain your nails? i have bobbie base coat and it really stained my nails :(

    1. @neelai, the bobbie nail hardener doesn't work at all. it stained my nails too. pretty useless, I threw it


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