Watson's Weekend Haul

10:52:00 AM

I made a quick stop at Watson's Ayala Center Cebu after my shift last friday (Jan. 28) to grab a few things that I needed.  These are few of my favorites so most of this are repurchases.  I ran out of body lotion,  feminine wipes, facial cotton and feminine wash recently. I haven't been stocking up on these items like I used to before because budget has been tight lately. (sigh)

These are the things I grabbed.
- Charmee feminine wipes, Eucalyptos variant. I love using this stuff because of the fresh menthol scent it gives after using. I bring this with me everywhere

- Cuddles cotton squares.  I have been using this since 2007. It's inexpensive, really soft, absorbs liquid quickly and it's square shape is awesome (I can easily fold it). I like it better than the round variant.

- GynePro feminine wash.  This is the first time I will be using GynePro. I'm crossing my fingers and hope that this relieves itchiness well like my Betadine feminine wash.

- Skinwhite body lotion, Papaya variant.  I have been using Skinwhite body lotion for years but I just had to try out their new Papaya variant. I fell in love with the scent when I opened it so I'm sure this is another keeper.

- Garnier bodylight Whitening UV lotion.  I already consumed a whole bottle and decided to repurchase this.  I can't really say that I like this product,  but I do like the fact that its not sticky and it works like a sunblock.  I haven't noticed any lightening effect yet that's why I decided to give it a second try.

- Myra whitening facial lotion.  I just grabbed the sachet to give it a try, I tried it later that night and also in the morning after bath, too bad it felt itchy and it gave me redness and allergies. Whew, I'm so glad I just picked up a sachet. I definitely won't be using this again.

This is it for now.


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  1. I miss the Lactacyd from the Philippines. They don't sell it here in the States. It's so hard to look for a nice feminine wash here! UGH.

  2. That Charmee wipes is a fave of mine too. Love the refreshing feel it gives. :) Nice haul, Hollie. :)

  3. I should really learn to buy trials first before the full bottle. I always just lunge forward and get the full size and hope for the best. :))

  4. cuddles cotton squares din gamit ko =)

  5. @Toni, I've used lactacyd too, but it doesn't relieve itchiness well like the betadine brand. However, it really makes a good everyday feminine wash.

    @Pammy, thanks. I know right? I've tried several brands of feminine wipes, but Charmee is the best one I've used so far.

    @Michelle, I always go for the sachets if it's available. I want make sure that the product doesn't give me any irritation or allergies first, before buying the regular size. That way, I don't waste my money on stuff I can't use.

    @Shopcoholic, that's great. It's very inexpensive yet it works!


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