My new Clinique makeup bag and what's inside

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I'm so excited to share with you this new cosmetic case set I bought online. It's pink and it's Clinique! I needed to replace my makeup bag since it's becoming too small and it was starting to tear.  I decided to look for a new makeup bag online because I knew I can find tons of imported cosmetics cases / makeup bags there. I didn't look for a makeup bag in the mall, because if I do, I'll end up buying more stuff than what I really came for. lol

Just in case you're wondering I got this Clinique Cosmetic Case set from for only PHP 137.75 (shipping cost not included). It's definitely a steal. 

Here are the details:
Large Bag
Outer Shell: Polyester with PVSC trim
top zip closure
Interior: Fully Lined (pink)
H: 6" x W: 9.5" x B: 3"

Small Bag
Outer Shell: Polyester with PVSC trim
top zip closure
Interior: Fully Lined (white)
H: 3" x W: 7.5" x B: 2.25"

This is how it looks inside. (I love the pink lining)

This is the small makeup bag which I bring with me everyday.

This is what's inside my Makeup bag

Here are the list of items inside my makeup bag.
- Silver Retractable Blush brush (from Watson's)
- Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with pomegranate oil 
   (look how worn out it is. I use it everyday)
- Elf Plumping Lip Glaze in Ruby
- Cover Girl Multiplying Mascara
- Generic Dual tip Eyeshadow brush (Blending and Angled)
- Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (15g)
- Vaseline Healthy White Skin Lightening Lotion
- Biogenic Isopropyl Alcohol (I forgot to include it in the photo)

By the way, how do you like my new blog color theme and banner? 
Is this better than the last one?
Note: The lady in the banner is an Anime version of me but much more skiny...hahaha

This is it for now.


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  1. Yay new layout! It's pretty. =)

  2. Your lip balm looks fine to me lol! My chapstick looks worse than that haha! Love the makeup bag!

  3. @sugar sugar, Thanks sis!

    @Chicgurl, the design is almost gone..hehe Thanks for liking my makeup bag.

  4. yay! i love looking into people's makeup bag as much as inside their purses hahaha.. i like the new banner :)

    oh and i was just wonder that vaseline whitening lotion.. what does that do.. does it make your skin lighter colored?? and is it only sold in asia?

  5. I have the same large one and I love it so much! Hahaha

  6. Just love to see makeup other people own lol. Loving the pink makeup bag too! I'm a new visitor so I don't know what your old blog looked like but I love this look! Will be following you, hope to keep in touch! :D

  7. Your MU Kit is pretty!! Oh and your skinny anime version is cute!!!

  8. @lisa, thanks. I think vaseline is also sold world wide, but I'm not too sure if this variant is available everywhere. It lightens skin and has SPF protection.

    @Aya, I only bought this lotion because of its size, it fits well in my makeup bag. lol

    @Sharon, thank you so much for following my blog. I followed you back.

    @Ayieh, thanks sis! I just wish I was skinny too. hahaha

  9. is the garnier powder nice?? :D

  10. @donnarence, Yes, it's really nice. the powder is really fine and compact. and applies very smoothly. You can check out my Garnier pressed powder review if you want to know more.

  11. Hi there Hollie,

    Im new to your blog site. Is there a particular eye liner (liquid preferably) that you would recommend? Im currently using Estee Lauder- The brush is excellent for control & precision. Unfortunately I find that the ink always melt/run/Smudge particularly when the weather is warm.
    Squeeze The Pug

  12. @squeeze the pug, thanks for visiting my blog. to answer your question, I honestly don't use liquid eyeliners because I prefer to use smudge proof cream/gel liners. You should try the maybelline lasting drama gel liner. I just hope it won't melt on you.

  13. Hi Hollie,

    I like the make up blog you purchased. I actually did a post regarding the content of mu Bench pouch, you may wanto check this...


  14. @AidiSan, checking your link now.


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