Mom's Birthday

9:37:00 PM

Mom's version of Green Salad
Contains Lettuce, big slices of red & green Tomatoes,
diced Ham, diced cheese, Italian vinegret and Ceasar's dressing.
I love this salad! It's so easy to make yet very tasty.

Mom's Spaghetti
I just love mom's spaghetti. I tried copying her spaghetti sauce recipe but I just can't get it to taste the same.  She adds a lot of spices and  herbs on to the sauce and she also uses canned tomatoes instead of your usual spaghetti sauce. It's just yummy!

Mom's Chicken Cordon Bleu
She puts in big chunks of cheese inside together with honey glazed ham! Absolutely delicious! I tried making this at home, it was an absolute fail! hahaha. It tasted great but I coudn't get the chicken to stay intact. I have to ask mom how she does it. hehe

We celebrated Mom's 52nd birthday last Jan. 30, 2011 and this was just few of the home cooked meals she prepared for her birthday.  It was nothing big, just a simple family gathering. There was Crispy Pata as well, but I failed to take a picture.  Lunch ended with Red Ribbon's Tiramisu and Magnolia Chocolate Marble ice cream. Yumyum...

This is it for now.


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  1. yum!! ginutom ako.. as in... i want your mom's green salad..

  2. oh goodie, yummmmmy foods!happy birthday to mama :)

  3. everything looks soooo good! :D belated happy birthday to your mom! =)

  4. Now I'm hungry! Did your Mom baked the Chicken Cordon Bleu? I tried cookin that once but I fried them.

  5. Thank you ladies! You should try the Green salad, it's fairly easy to make :D

    @Chickgurl, Yes she baked the Chicken Cordon Bleu. It tastes better when baked as compared to deep fry.

  6. waa ang sasarap naman hehehe. belated happy b-day to your mom :)

    - Janel


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