I've hit the pan!

12:54:00 AM

It feels so good to have hit the pan and emptied out some makeup. I've been buying a whole bunch of cosmetics recently and I know for a fact that I can't finish all of them. However, I make sure to show some love to all of them. My make-up collection is just enough for my personal use, so it is much easier for me to hit the pan. If you're curious you can check out my Make Up Loot. I've had a few additions to my makeup but it all still fits in my two make-up organizers.

Anyway, these empty makeup are the ones I carry everyday in my makeup bag.  So, they are the most used makeup products from my collection.

Items Finished:
Garnier Pressed Powder in Ivory
Sophie Martin Lipstick in Velvet Nude
Elf Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
Elf Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow

I already repurchased the Garnier Pressed Powder and Elf Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara since I consider them the must-haves in my makeup bag.  Although I loved the Elf blush in Glow, I decided not to repurchase since I still have the Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder which I currently use. As for the lipstick, I really liked the Velvet Nude shade so much that I actually finished the whole tube. I decided not to repurchase the lipstick because I still have several lipsticks to choose from.

This is it for now.


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  1. Congrats! I've emptied lots of Face powder and a few foundations (lost count seriously) but never with blushes. I would end up breaking them. :( As for ES, never! Can't wait tho'.

  2. oh yayy!!! congrats on hitting the pans of these products dear! =D

  3. @Chicgurl, I've emptied a whole bunch of face powder as well, but this is the first time I've emptied a blusher....hehe. I've also emptied a few lipstick tubes too! I've never tried hitting the pan for Eyeshadow palettes.

    @sugar sugar, Thanks, I plan to finish most of my makeup this year, so that they won't go to waste.

  4. aww amazing!!! and great job on hitting pans

  5. Yey! I'm always super happy to hit pan (=

  6. @Fruity Lashes and @ Gaby, thank you. I'll be sure to hit more pans... hehe


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