Today's Lunch...Green salad

5:39:00 PM

I felt like eating green salad today!!! So I cooked this one up in just 7 minutes...

I had all the ingredients in the fridge, so that was a lifesaver.  I was running late for work today (Yes I work on Saturdays but only for the month of November) and was so hungry. I arrived home around 1pm and my shift starts at 2pm (I went out to buy some groceries) so I had to eat something... You know what it's like when your stomach is growling...LOL

Ingredients are as follows...
lettuce, carrots, mango, mayo, and shreded cheese

I washed my veggies, and mango...
I used a peeler to peel the carrots and that made it even easier.
I just used my hands to cut the lettuce into smaller parts
Made thin slices of mango...
Mixed it all togerther with the mayo (I used ladie's choice tuna spread)
and topped it off with shredded cheese ( Eden already has a pre-shredded cheese)

and waaalah! you're done...
happy eating gurls...


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  1. a salad with noodle pasta? it's odd...

  2. hmm... This seems interesting. It's funny how some people have never heard of a pasta salad before. It was good, huh?

  3. Oh sorry... That is not pasta, that is shredded CHEESE!

    If you read my post, I mentioned all the ingredients I used and there is NO PASTA in there.

  4. I'm talking about the person above me. Salads with noodle pastas aren't odd. They're rather common.

  5. Yes toni,
    I was referring to AvatarLady as well... Forgot to put her name...hehe

  6. Oh that salad looks so good haha, and your inspiring me to eat more healthy. and thanks for doing a review on the garnier face power, I think I'm gonna go try it out. Cute blog girll! following you!


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