Makeup Brushes anyone ???

6:32:00 PM

Gurls, these are all the brushes I own. Still saving to get high quality brushes. I'm currently eyeing the ones from Ellana Mineral Cosmetics and the ELF Studio Brushes (I wish I knew where to buy those here in

These are Random brushes I picked from Watsons and Metro Ayala Cebu. The first three brush are from Marionnaud (awesome brushes!!!), the next two are dual tip generic brushes, then followed by three ELF brushes, the next three are from Watsons and Lastly my one and only generic powder brush which I picked at Metro Ayala and I bought it for only  Php 119.75. The powder brush is definitely a worth it!

I hope you got some inspiration from all of this.
Have a good day!


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